Advanced Snow Removal Equipment

advanced-snow-plowing-equipmentIf you are in the commercial snow removal industry you know that plows are associated with big bucks and when you’re out a snowplow it’s costing you, more than you like to admit… This is just one of the main reasons Kage Innovation has created durable steel and polyurethane blades and box plow equipment that surpass the rest. With a highly advanced and protected hydraulic system, compressed spring-back trip edge, solid SnowKage box design and multiple mount attachment capabilities you’ll be experiencing a night of snow removal like never before.

Kage Innovation News & Events

Welcome to Kage Innovation’s News & Events page! We have designed this part of our website to bring ongoing updates about our snow removal and lawn maintenance products, testimonials, events, facts and more. Winter is just around the corner and for those of us who do anything but hibernate it’s time to take stock of our supply and gear up for long nights and the snowy conditions ahead.