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KAGE Innovation invents and manufactures equipment for the professional grounds manager. The entire purpose of the company is to offer new equipment solutions that will improve the efficiency and profitability of its customers. To have the KAGE label, the product must have a completely new design that reduces the time and effort to complete a common and repetitive task. The new product must also be simple, durable and moderately priced.

Why do we at KAGE think we can create and sell such products?

The KAGE founders together have more than 60 years of hands-on experience in grounds maintenance. Our affiliate company is actively engaged in landscaping and snow removal. Our continued involvement in grounds maintenance provides a birthplace for each new KAGE invention as well as an exhaustive proving grounds for each product. As we say, it’s “experience driven innovation.”

Lastly, capitalizing on our excitement and perseverance, we will not be content until we have made our ideas into real products, not only for the benefit of our own company, but also for contractors nationwide.

The Time is Right to Move Forward

There’s opportunity in KAGE’s actions. It is putting new equipment technology into the hands of snow removal operators and landscaping contractors, helping them work faster and smarter.

Everyone knows how technology has already revolutionized processes in offices and in manufacturing. KAGE is taking technology to outdoor service industries. KAGE is delivering new tools to landscape and snow removal companies every year. The motivation behind KAGE’s innovative products are the repetitive, hands-on tasks which gobble up the time and profits of all outdoor maintenance workers.

So what will drive contractor’s equipment purchasing choices in the future? Well, it is doubtful that computers will plow snow or mow grass. Someone will still need to show up at a site to do the work and that contractor will always need to purchase equipment. The contractor’s equipment choice will be centered around that one element – speed. Speed, along with quality and safety, are all that matter in the industry.

On a grounds maintenance income statement, what is the biggest variable cost? By far, it’s direct labor. Cutting labor costs is the biggest factor in profitability. Everything about a KAGE product is designed to improve productivity over existing equipment brands resulting in greater saving across the board. KAGE products are faster, simpler and more durable.

KAGE’s SnowFire system caught on nationally in 2009. Since the explosion of popularity for the SnowFire, KAGE has launched multiple other products to revolutionize the snow removal and landscaping industries including attachments for Skid Steers, Tractors, Wheel Loaders & Lawn Mowers. These products range from snow plows and pushers to snow shovel and plow guides and accessories.

If you would like additional information about any KAGE Innovation’s fleet of products, please check out the rest of our website or call us. We would look forward to speaking with you!