SnowFire Plow and Pusher for Skid Steers and Compact Tractors

Snow Pusher to Snow Plow in Seconds

The KAGE® Snowfire Snow Plow Box System has a revolutionary design that is built to withstand the rigors of commercial snow plowing. This patented 2-in-1 system allows the operator to transition seamlessly among angle plowing, back dragging, and pushing snow…. all within seconds and from the cab! That is the KAGE advantage! 

On top of its ability to do it all without having to switch machines or get out of the cab, this revolutionary snow removal system is designed to be used 5,000- to 15,000-pound:

  • Skid Steers
  • Compact Loaders
  • Compact Tractors
  • Midsize Tractors
  • & Telehandlers!


Angling Snow Blade and Box For Skid Steer, Compact Wheel Loader, Compact Utility Tractor

snowfire Skid Steer Snow Plow

SnowFire Snow Plow and Box on Bobcat

Seamless Transition from

Snow Plow to Box Plow

The SNOWKAGE box hooks onto a skid steer snow plow to instantly create a revolutionary containment system. This is done in seconds without leaving the cab – no pins, bolts, or hinges.

The KAGE system takes the advantages of a snow plow and a pusher box and combines them into one fast and seamless operation. Operators can windrow or backdrag with the plow normally, then grab the SNOWKAGE box to push out their piles or windrows. Then they can go back to plowing – without leaving the cab. The KAGE system reduces plowing frustrations and hassles.

KAGE SnowFire users have stated that using the SnowFire system has enabled them to clear snow up to 4 times faster than other systems they’ve used.


Kage Snowfire scraping snow with Kubota Skid Steer

Snow Scraping

Scrape snow like a champion with the KAGE SnowFire plow and pusher system. Equipped with a universal DOT or Highway punch, you can attach nearly any cutting edge you wish, including steel, carbide and poly. It’s even compatible with KAGE’s sectional cutting edge – the AdvantEdge. The cutting edges are set at a 65-degree attack angle for optimal scraping.

The scraping ability of the plow is not hindered by the ‘shoes’ of the SNOWKAGE which purposely allows enough play to keep the cutting edge on the substrate with minimal down pressure needed. This means that you are always scraping down to asphalt in one pass.

With built-in contouring features such as oscillation and a trip edge. You can be sure that constant contact will be achieved. The up to 12 degrees of oscillation allows you to plow along side slopes as well as angle plow with the cutting edge remains flat on the plowing surface – even with the containment box attached. Try doing that with a bucket!

The trip edge mechanism on the snow blade also operates normally with or without the box in place. This allows you to scrape up and over curbs without losing contact or dumping the load of snow. Unlike plows with a full trip, only the bottom 8 inches of the plow springs back nearly 70 degrees when coming in contact with immovable objects, keeping the vast majority of your snow moving forward with the machine. Once it’s clear of the curb, the trip edge automatically springs back to the 65-degree attack angle.


Snowplow Angle Function

SnowFire Angle Plow on John Deere Track LoaderThe KAGE SnowFire plow and pusher offers some of the industry’s largest and most versatile plow angles with up to 35 degrees of angle plowing.

The angle plowing function is great for plowing snow away from curbs and windrowing. You don’t even have to take off the snow box to do so. This is a huge advantage over fixed snow pushers in that you can maneuver the load around turns without losing half of it!

Add in the curvature of the moldboard and you can roll snow off to the side easily without having to stop. Operators have found the 90 degree turn capabilities of SnowFire on a skid steer to be critical for precision plowing.


Snow Stacking

SnowFire plow stacking snow using Bobcat skid steer The KAGE system with the containment box attached provides outstanding snow stacking capabilities. The snow box contains large quantities of snow even while being pushed up snowbanks with the skid steer boom. And without a bottom on the pusher box, there is no need to dump the snow. It simply falls out at the top of the push when you back away from the snowbank.

The skid steer or wheel loader boom combined with 31-inch-long pivot frame provide extra reach for higher stacking.

The KAGE system is great for cleanup operations, as well as break-out during a heavy snow fall. The applications for the KAGE system combined with the skid steer versatility are virtually endless. In contrast, fixed snow pushers reduce skid steer efficiency and versatility. The normally wide range of sites that skid steers can be used at is greatly diminished, and little things like cleanup along curbs becomes a chore. When KAGE box is dropped off, there is no change to the performance of the snow plow.



SnowFire Midnight Edition Black Snow Pusher

Get the KAGE SnowFire 2-in-1 snow plow and snow pusher system in the standard blue color or celebrate KAGE’s 15th Anniversary in the black SnowFire Midnight Edition color.

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Tri-Formed Box For Strength

Snow Fire Tri-Formed Box

The KAGE Moldboard has a plow structure like no other in its class. The full length Tri-Formed Box structure gives it the most torque resistance and rigidity. Designs like this have been used in the highway plows for years. We take snow plowing seriously – whether you are using a skid steer, front end loader, tractor or telehandler. Even the moldboard sheet itself is no run-of-the-mill mild steel. No this is 10ga GRADE 50 steel, which among other things has a higher tensile strength, meaning it is harder to dent and tear, prolonging the life of the finish and plow itself.

Heavy Duty Snow Plow Powder Coating

Powder Coated SnowFire Snow Plow Blade

KAGE SnowFires feature powder coated snow blades with a baked-on powder coat and primer at 400+ degrees which safeguards all of the steel components and keeps the snow blade looking great for years.

We don’t like the look of rust streaks or deteriorating pockets of corrosion, and we guess neither do you, so we eliminate all of that through a proprietary method of applying seam sealer to all un-welded joints prior to the finish getting baked on.

This substantially increases the life of the entire finish and overall long-lasting quality appearance. Not to mention our two-tone powder process that gives you the striking KAGE Blue and black combination, signifying Lasting KAGE Quality.


8″ Plow Blade Trip Edge

Snow Plow Trip Edge

The Blade features a tall, 8″ safety trip-edge that comes standard with all SnowFire plow and pusher system. This prevents accidental damage when encountering hidden obstacles by tripping back nearly 70 degrees. The trip edge consists of a 5/8 inch thick high carbon steel cutting edge mounted to a 3/8 inch thick angle iron base angle.

The 8-inch height allows the blade to easily travel over and scrape snow up and over the curb without losing contact.

Powered by and adjustable number compression style return springs and pivoting on 7 total 1 inch trip pins, it trips when you need it, and stays put when you don’t. It also returns to its original position once it gets past the obstacle.


Blade Down Pressure

Snow plow down pressure pressure? Bring it on! Trip edge snow blades like this are meant to take the abuse so common to heavy equipment plowing, withstanding more than 6,300 pounds of down pressure.

Wheel Loader down pressure on SnowFire snow blade

Aggressive Attack Angle

Snowfire Plow Blade Angle

The attack angle of the cutting edge is an aggressive 65 degrees so that it scrapes cleanly over the widest variety of surface and in the most conditions.


Replaceable Plow Cutting Edge

Our cutting edges are also a result of the highway department standards and will fit up with any ‘standard highway punch’ design, available almost anywhere. No-one wants more downtime, so just replace the edge as needed – no need to move, rotate, flip or flop!

Mounted standard onto the trip edge is a high carbon steel cutting edge that 6 inches tall. KAGE also offers poly cutting edges for the SnowFire as well as a sectional cutting edge upgrade that uses either steel or carbide cutting edges.

If you prefer to use cutting edges from another manufacturer, you can do that as well – as long as they use the standard DOT bolt pattern.


Hydraulics System

Hydraulic hose, relief valve and treadstrip

Protective Sleeves & Advanced Couplers

First, we put protective sleeves made of abrasion resistant cloth on all of the hoses – standard. This reduces the likelihood that the hose gets worn by dragging on the ground or getting pinched by the pivot points on loader arms.

Next we include a Stucchi APM Series male and female coupling that will connect by hand with residual pressure of 300 bar or 2900 psi locked in the hydraulic circuit. It will connect with residual pressure without releasing any fluid into the environment. (The mating circuit will need to be without residual pressure.)

Finally, this system is completed with fixed fluid restrictors, an adjustable hose-placement tie-down block and two corrosion-resistant Nitro Rod plow cylinders. This robust system complements the rugged features and operation of this system in any environment old man winter can produce.

Severe Plowing Angle

Angle plowing with a skid steer at low speed? Absolutely! No question that this is efficient, and it’s made even better with the severe 35 degree max angle that the plow can achieve. The best part is that the hydraulic power angling is adjustable even while on the move. So while you have the capability of angle plowing at 35 degrees, you can plow at a smaller angle if you so desire.

Angle plowing is extremely helpful for pushing snow away from curbs, windrowing and much more. This is commonly done simply using the snow blade alone, but with the SnowFire system, you can still angle plow while pushing snow with the containment side panels in place as well.

This is much more productive and efficient than plowing with trucks!


Snow Plow Blade Oscillation

SnowFire Blade Oscillation on Wheel Loader Well the next thing is oscillation. This prevents situations when your blade doesn’t stay flat on the plowing surface, whether due to uneven pavement, angling or improper boom adjustment.

The KAGE Blade always stays flat on the plowing surface, from tip to tip whether fully angled or straight – even with down pressure applied!  It’s simple for operators, just drop the blade onto the pavement and go. You don’t have to worry about one side digging in as you angle or drive over bumps.

Keeping consistent lateral contact with your plowing surface is crucial to a clean and efficient plowing pass. Plus you’ll save yourself time and money from excessive wear or damage to both the plow and substrate.

SNOWKAGE Transforms Simple Blade Into Box Plow

Snow Box for 8 Ft Kage SnowFire PLow

So simple, yet so genius. The simple design of the SNOWKAGE gives it a bullet proof structure that befuddles the destructive tendencies so many snow removal operations can produce.

The durable side panels quickly and easily attach to the snow blade when you want to use a pusher to contain the snow and then equally as easily remove when all you need is the snow blade for windrowing or back dragging.

The containment box is designed to allow for some operator error when attaching so you can practically do it in your sleep. Plus, it won’t hold your cutting edge off the ground.


Flexible Polyurethane Skids

SF-Polyurethane-SkidsPolyurethane skids are flexible, rather than rigid steel shoes. Finally, something that doesn’t get bent up! They also feature 4 slots in the rear that allow the skid to self-adjust upwards as the cutting edge of the plow becomes worn. This ensures that the plow is always scraping and cleaning like it should.

Poly skids are gentler on delicate surfaces than steel skids or shoes. If you should happen to hit a curb, the skids will flex and absorb some of that impact rather than grind against and gouge the curb like a steel material will do.


Low Maintenance

Every detail of the SnowKage flows right into the overall theme of low maintenance and simplicity. We choose our materials carefully to make sure the snow box is Overbuilt By Design. And, whenever it is reasonable to do so, the SnowKAGE is bolted together, making it easy to replace smaller parts with basic tools in the event of damage, rather than having to replace large units or make repairs that require welding.

The polyurethane bumpers help protect the finish on the front of the blade where the box comes in contact with it. Meanwhile, the pre-punched 10-inch-wide snow catches prevent spillage while pushing and allow the operator some lateral flexibility while attaching the containment box.

snowfire snow catch and bumper

Pusher Replaceable Side Panels

Replaceable side panels are standard and just bolt on easily in case of replacement.

KAGE SnowFire Side Panels for Containment

SnowFire Midnight Edition Black Snow Pusher

KAGE Innovation’s 15th Anniversary Snow Plow and Pusher

Midnight Edition SnowFire Plow and Pusher System

Midnight Edition

The Kage Innovation SnowFire Midnight Edition snow plow and pusher is a special edition blackout version of the original snow plow. Replacing the recognizable “blue plow” is a gold and black diamond plate appearance that is sure to provide a classy edge look.


Gold Made In The USA plate

Made in the USA

The SnowFire Midnight Edition 2-in-1 snow blade and box system celebrates KAGE Innovation’s rich tradition of being made in the USA with a special gold plate on the top of the moldboard.





Midnight Edition containment plow and pusherBlackout Coloring

You’ll notice that this special edition containment snow plow and box system has replaced the standard yellow poly skids with black poly skids. The Midnight Edition features a black moldboard, black side panels and black supports. It has even changed the color of the hydraulic hoses from yellow to black.





15th Anniversary

The commemorative snow plow and pusher features the 15th anniversary logo on the black along with the gold diamond plate pattern in various areas of the plow.
Midnight edition snow plow back

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Poly cutting edge on SnowFire

Polyurethane Cutting Edge

The Polyurethane Cutting Edge is useful when plowing delicate surfaces such as decorative concrete and pavers, or sealcoating. In our experience, this proprietary blend of polyurethanes outlasts rubber, and even steel in some cases without damaging the plowing surface. The blade is 1 ½ inches thick, pre-drilled and the optional kit comes with a steel support strip and extra long carriage bolts for easy installation.



Optional curb guard kit helps reduce wear to the trip edge. Clean curb lines are crucial, but don’t wear out your plow in the process! The curb guards are sold as a kit, and they are able to transpose so that you get double the wear.


Back Drag Kit

Do you have sites where you’re regularly back dragging snow? Do you want to dramatically increase the efficiency of your snow plow when back dragging snow? The Back Drag Kit manufactured exclusively by KAGE Innovation is designed to fit any 6″ to 8″ snow plow cutting edge machine with a highway punch bolt hole pattern. It also works great with trip-edge plows and when you’re angling snow away from curbs, the flexible design of the Back Drag Kit can take the abuse.

The entire kit for steel cutting edges  and the kit for poly cutting edges weighs 10 pounds and it’s built from the same uniquely blended polyurethane material used in our Poly Cutting Edges and Poly Skids. It’s far more durable and will last considerably longer than rubber. The kit comes with 2 Poly Back Drag Catches, 4 Back Catch Backing Plates for secure mounting, 4 High Strength Steel Bolts and 4 Flange Locknuts.


Carbide Cutting Edge Life Extender

Cutting Edge Life Extenders

Add these carbide edge extenders at the ends, and center of the plow to increase the life expectancy of your cutting edges. These are sold in kits including the carbide embedded edge, and two bolts and locknuts to replace the existing hardware. Order up to 4 per SnowFire plow.



floating snow plow edgeAdvantEdge Sectional Cutting Edge

Optionally install the AdvantEdge Cutting Edge System onto your SnowFire Blade for the cleanest scrape. The spring-loaded sections of the steel or carbide cutting edges contour to uneven substrates and accommodate obstacles such as manhole covers.

You may also want to consider the AdvantEdge Snow Catch Kit to maximize efficiency of snow containment if you choose to use the sectional cutting edge with the KAGE containment box.


Floating Skids on SnowFire Snow PusherFloating Skids

Install Floating Skid Kits to prevent uneven wear on your skids and add extra protection when going over curbs and sensitive substrates.






Floating Cam LockFloating Cam-Locks

Install a Floating Cam-Lock Kit to prevent uneven wear on your skids and add extra protection when going over curbs and sensitive substrates.



















 Snowfire Plow System Specifications

Available Quick Attaches


Universal Skid Steer Mount

SF-skidsteer-mount The Universal Skid Steer Mount is the standard for the SnowFire System. This couples to any modern skid steer in seconds. Then just couple the hydraulic couplers to the machine auxiliary hydraulic and you are ready to roll snow!




  • SBK72 – 5,000+ LBS
  • SBK96 – 6,000+ LBS
  • SBK108 – 6,500+ LBS
  • SBK120 – 7,000+ LBS





Snow Pusher Cam LockKage-Animated-GIF-500x320

Cam Lock – the simple and sturdy way to attach the SnowKage to The Blade from inside your skid steer cab. Raise the boom up and tilt the plow down behind the hooks of the SnowKage, align cam lock brackets of the Blade with the receptor hooks of the SnowKage and raise the boom…. then back to work! This is done in about 5 seconds. Back and forth from plowing to pushing.



Make and Model Compatibility

The KAGE SnowFire skid steer snow plow and pusher system is compatible with all major makes and models of skid steers including the following popular brands:

  • Bobcat
  • Kubota
  • John Deere
  • CAT
  • CASE
  • New Holland
  • Manitou
  • JCB
  • Volvo

SnowFire Skid Steer plow and pusher on Bobcat S770

The SnowFire Skid Steer Plow and Pusher System is compatable with Bobcat Skid Steers including this S770 model.

SnowFire snow plow on Kubota Skid Steer with KAGE Klawz tires

The SnowFire skid steer plow and pusher system is compatible with Kubuta skid loaders including this SSV75 model.

SnowFire Plow and Pusher System on John Deere 325G Track Loader

The SnowFire System is also compatible with John Deere Skid Loader including the 325G track loader.

SnowFire Plow and Pusher on New Holland L328 Skid Steer

The SnowFire Plow and Pusher system is compatible with New Holland skid steers such as this L328 model.

SnowFire Plow and Pusher on CASE YV450B Track Loader

Use KAGE SnowFire plow and pusher systems on CASE skid steers such as this TB450B model track loader.

KAGE telehandler snow plow and pusher system

Telehandler Snow Plow & Pusher

Take advantage of the exceptional 4-wheel steering maneuverability and outstanding traction of a telehandler by combining it with the efficient versatility of the KAGE SnowFire plow and pusher system.


  • LBK72 = 5,000+ LBS
  • LBK96 = 6,000+ LBS
  • LBK108 = 6,500+ LBS
  • LBK120 = 7,000+ LBS
  • LBK144 = 7,500+ LBS
  • SBK72 – 5,000+ LBS
  • SBK96 – 6,000+ LBS
  • SBK108 – 6,500+ LBS
  • SBK120 – 7,000+ LBS



Make and Model Compatibility

Kage SnowFire plows are compatible with nearly all major telehandler brands, including Manitou and Gehl.

Gehl telehandler plowing snow with KAGE SnowFire

KAGE SnowFire plow and pusher systems are competable with Gehl telehandlers.

Manitou telehandler plowing snow with KAGE SnowFire

Kage SnowFire 2-in-1 plow and pusher systems are compatible with Manitou telehandlers.




SnowFire Compact Wheel Loader Plow and Pusher


Wheel Loader Attachments

The newest attachment style offered for the SnowFire series is for compact wheel loaders and tractor-loader-backhoes. This system can incorporate many different styles of hook-and-pin style attachments OR universal skid steer attachments.

Uniquely designed for compact wheel loader applications, this attachment allows the plow to float while driving over uneven terrain. This floating hitch style is recommended for all wheel loader applications because it increases the ability to steer the loader, and the scraping ability of the plow.  For available Quick Attaches see our specification tab.


  • LBK72 = 5,000+ LBS
  • LBK96 = 6,000+ LBS
  • LBK108 = 6,500+ LBS
  • LBK120 = 7,000+ LBS
  • LBK144 = 7,500+ LBS



Snow Pusher Cam LockKage-Animated-GIF-500x320

Cam Lock – the simple and sturdy way to attach the SnowKage to The Blade from inside your compact wheel loader cab. Raise the boom up and tilt the plow down behind the hooks of the SnowKage, align cam lock brackets of the Blade with the receptor hooks of the SnowKage and raise the boom…. then back to work! This is done in about 5 seconds. Back and forth from plowing to pushing.


Flexible Carrier Options | Available Quick Attaches


SnowFire Compact Tractor Snow Plow and Pusher


2 Pin Style Tractor Mount

Snow Fire pin tractor Kage Innvoation Another Option for attachment is the 2 pin style tractor mount. This hitch is used in combination with one of the Kage Tractor Undercarriages for compact tractors.


  • TBKP96 = 40 + Horsepower
  • TBKP108 = 50 + Horsepower
  • TBKP120 = 60 + Horsepower
  • TBKP144 = 75 + Horsepower
  • Rear counter-weight is recommended for better traction.



Snow Pusher Hydro Lock

Hydro lock for SnowStorm Clamp on Snow Plows Hydro Lock – uses hydraulic clamps to attach the SnowKage. This is used when the system is coupled to machinery without loader arms; a compact tractor, for instance. Just drop the plow to the pavement, push into the box and activate the hydro clamps to engage the locking tubes of the SnowKage box.





Compact tractor snow plow for John Deere

SnowFire Blade on John Deere 5105 M Utility Tractor

CAT II 3 Point Mount

CAT II 3 Point Mount The CAT II 3 point hitch is designed for agricultural tractors that have a front 3 point carrier system. Some brands and models of tractors have optional OEM front carrier systems. If yours does not, don’t worry! Check out our line-up of turn-key and easy to install tractor undercarriages. We won’t let anything stand in the way to making you more efficient!




  • KS3P96 = 40 + Horsepower
  • KS3P108 = 50 + Horsepower
  • KS3P120 = 60 + Horsepower
  • KS3P144 = 75 + Horsepower
  • Rear counter-weight is recommended for better traction.


Snow Pusher Hydro Lock

Hydro lock for SnowStorm Clamp on Snow Plows Hydro Lock – uses hydraulic clamps to attach the SnowKage. This is used when the system is coupled to machinery without loader arms; a compact tractor, for instance. Just drop the plow to the pavement, push into the box and activate the hydro clamps to engage the locking tubes of the SnowKage box.

Whitefish Dude Ranch KAGEs Massive Snowfall

Northwest Montana guest ranch thrives during winter season with the help of a KAGE SnowFire system to keep its roads and parking lots accessible in a region than regularly averages 25 feet of snow per year.



Take a look at what industry professionals and the news media have published about the KAGE SnowFire 2-in-1 plow system.

The KAGE SnowFire has revolutionized the snow removal industry with its 2-in-1 snow blade and pusher system. The uniqueness of this system brings with it a lot of questions. Here we aim to address those questions and provide guidance in choosing The Better Way to move snow for you – whether it is a SnowFire system or not. Check out the blogs below and click on the headlines to get more in depth knowledge about snow pushers, snow blades and the KAGE SnowFire System.

What’s the difference between the SnowFire and SnowFire Blast plows?

KAGE SnowFire Pushing SlushJan. 4, 2023 – At first glance, the SnowFire 2-in-1 snow plow and pusher system may look the same as the SnowFire BLAST snow pusher, but there are some very distinct differences. Here, we break down the differences and what they mean to you.



What is the purpose of float in snow pushers?

SnowDozer Payloader snow plow and pusherDec. 28, 2023 – Discover how float improves the performance, safety and efficiency of snow pushers and what eight floating mechanisms are available on snow pushers. In this blog we also identify the different float features available on each of KAGE’s four snow pushers.



What are the 4 best snow blades?

SnowStorm Snow Blade 36 degree angle plowNov. 6, 2023 – Learn what makes these 4 snow blades the best on market for specific types of equipment and how to choose which blade is right for which equipment.

In this article, we break down the benefits of snow blades for skid steers, compact track loaders, tractors and wheel loaders.



How far can a snow plow angle?

Kage SnowFire Rolling Snow on Bobcat Skid SteerNov. 2, 2023 – Whether you are using a front snow blade, back blade or snow pusher, angle plowing can be a useful tool to utilize. Learn the impact of angle plowing and how the angle of the plow affects your efficiency and performance.

In this article we’ll compare the angling capabilities of KAGE plows and where those angles fit in the industry. We think you’ll be impressed.


What to Look For in a Trip Edge

trip edge plowOct. 24, 2023 – Learn all about trip edges, including the purpose, sizing, how they are activated and how they function. We compare the trip edges on all of KAGE’s snow blades and pusher including the ShadowBlade, SnowFire, SnowFire BLAST, SnowStorm and SnowDozer.

This blog also explains the differences between trip edges vs full trip moldboards, single trip edges vs split trip edges, and types of springs best more making the cutting edge rebound after tripping.


Why is a KAGE snow pusher better than a loader bucket?

Kage Snow Pusher with containment boxSept. 21, 2023 – Let’s compare KAGE snow pushers with loader buckets.

Here, you’ll see a detailed breakdown comparing stacking capabilities, cutting edges, angling functions, damage control, safety features, maintenance, sizing. We’ll discuss how each of these features affect the speed, efficiency and performance of your snow removal efforts.



Top 10 Features to Reduce Snow Plow Damage

Snow Plow Damage from snow blade vs carAug. 14, 2023 – KAGE plows are designed move snow in the simplest and most efficient way possible while reducing the risk of damage to obstacles, the plows, machines and operators.

Here we’ll breakdown the top 10 safety features and accessories for snow plows. Some of these come standard and others are optional. They included everything from damage reducing skids, cutting edge, hydraulic features and float to laser guides.


What are the KAGE Snow Plow 2014 Updates?

kage snowfire revision change identification parts and featuresMarch 1, 2023 – When the KAGE 2-in-1 SnowFire system was released in 2008, snow plow operators would have a problem with the trip edge struggling to roll over a certain curb height. When KAGE heard of this, it implemented a new design to fix this problem for its previous customers and future customers. This blog outlines the changes made to improve the SnowFire and even describes what you can do to upgrade on old SnowFire system.

Protected Under U.S. Patent Numbers 7,654,016; 7,788,829; 7,941,947; 2,707,963 & 2,574,587

Structural warranty

2014 and Prior
Kage SnowFire Owners Manual for models prior to 2015

Current Revision
Kage SnowFire Owners Manual for Models After 2014

SnowFire Cut Sheet Thumb

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

Protected Under U.S. Patent Numbers 7,654,016; 7,788,829; 7,941,947; 2,707,963 & 2,574,587

Structural warranty

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee