SNOW STAKES Polyurethane Snow Plow Marker System by KAGE® Innovation

Snow Stake Quiver & Installation Tool

KAGE developed this snow stake kit to address the shortcomings of conventional snow stake installation and transportation.

Included in the kit are:

  • Snow Stake Installation Tool
  • Snow Stake Quiver
  • 2 Steel Pounder Tips

The snow stake installation tool, known as The KAGE Pounder, punches a perfect hole for the flexible orange driveway markers. Its 3 lb. slide hammer can punch through the toughest soils and even road base gravel using the steel pounder tips.

The quiver can accommodate up to 120 of KAGE’s flexible orange driveway markers (sold separately in quantities of 400 or 800 snow stakes) for easy carrying.

SNOW STAKES Snow Plow Marker System

kage snow plow marking stakes

KAGE Snow Plow Marking Stakes

flexible orange snow stake driveway markers

Our high visibility orange snow plow driveway and entrance marking stakes give you the flexibility to plow the way you want to. Feel free to push snow right over them, then keep going right over it with the tires! Most of the time the stake springs back up, no worse for the wear! The unique design relies on a ‘twisting action’ that reduces kinking. Re-use them year after year, and best of all they are an affordable option compared to fiberglass stakes!


Carrying stakes with a KAGE Quiver makes each stake installer more productive by reducing the number of refill trips and helps to ensure that the individual isn’t skimping on the number of stakes used. Without the 120-stake capacity quiver, the alternative is for the installers to fill their pockets with stakes. These installers might hesitate to place that one last stake in a crucial position if they have to return to the truck because their back pockets are empty. The result could be costly in the form of damaged turf, landscaping or anything else when spring arrives.

Inserting fiberglass or plastic stakes can prove to be a hassle when using competitors’ meager insertion tools. The KAGE Pounder snow stake installation tool uses a 3 lb. slide hammer to drive a pointed steel tip into the ground. Unlike other insertion tools this does not require you to stomp it in with your foot. Because you pound it in, the straight downward force does not easily bend the tip. If the tip becomes worn, or if it bends or breaks, it is replaceable. You can also customize the tip based on the size of the snow stake you prefer. The 5-Inch long pounder tips are available in 3 diameters:

  • 1/4″
  • 5/16″
  • 3/8″

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KAGE SnowStake


KAGE SnowStakes are designed for high visibility, long lasting performance and money saving cost. The hollow bright orange driveway markers are made of a flexible impact resistant polyproylene material and feature a full length slit, which allows the stake to twist and it best, reducing the risk of kinking. These discount snow stakes available in the 3 lengths indicated below and can be trimmed and re-used if damaged.

  • 26″
  • 32″
  • 36″



KAGE Snow Stake Quiver

Snow Stake Quiver

The KAGE Snow Stake Quiver features durable ‘poly’ material, 2 separate adjustable straps, and base reinforcement.

Strap it to your waist and leg so it doesn’t swing out of control as you walk.

The large opening holds approximately 120 KAGE Snow Plow Marking Stakes.


KAGE Pounder

The Pounder snow stake installation tool makes driving holes for stakes easy, even in the toughest conditions.

The slide hammer pierces straight holes, even in the gravel next to curbs and driveways so that your stakes are always straight, and your entire site looks professional all winter. If your tips become bent or worn, simply replace them on the go. The tips drive into the ground 5 inches.snow stake pounder

The business of snow removal involves more than simply pushing snow around. Part of the process scouting and planning in advance where you can plow and where you shouldn’t. It also involves determining where you will put the snow and how to safely navigate snow covered areas with your plow equipment. Snow stakes are useful tools in that process. In this section, we’ll provide insights that cover all aspects of choosing and using snow stakes. Click on the headlines below to read blogs on those topics.

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Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee