SNOWSTORM Front Loader Snow Plow by KAGE® Innovation

SnowBlaze Snow Shovel

The SnowBlaze will revolutionize the way that commercial contractors and home-owners alike are able to remove mass quantities of snow. This is the best snow shovel for sidewalks, driveways, and other areas that require detail where heavy equipment is not practical.

Versatile Snow Shovel for Commercial Snow Removal

The Problem:

Most snow shovels on the market today have three major defects:

  • Cutting edge doesn’t stay sharp
  • Can’t windrow snow easily (plow to one side)
  • Not versatile for plowing, pushing, lifting, and back-dragging (usually one done well, but not all 3).

    Cutting Edge Doesn’t Stay Sharp

    Many shovels on the market today are lacking a sharp, straight edge to create a clean surface on the first pass. If the first pass does not result in a clean surface, the shoveler may need to repeat the pass, or apply ice melting product to clean the surface completely.





Windrowing Is Difficult Or Impossible

Clearing long stretches of sidewalk, or even driveways is easiest if you can ‘windrow’ the snow. By ‘plowing’ the snow to one side while pushing it forward, you are displacing the snow in two directions, and containing the dribbles to one side. Normal shovels don’t make it easy to grasp the them in such a way to ‘windrow’, or ‘plow’ the snow.





At times the operator will need to lift the snow at the end of a push in order to completely remove the pile from the surface to be cleared.

Another element to the snow shoveling task is often to back-drag or pull snow away from large structures. Doorways, garage doors, and stairways are some examples of structures that require the operator of a shovel to pull the snow away, rather than to push in order to clean up to said structures.

Steel Cutting Edge with Reinforcement

Utilizes a steel cutting edge that is easily removable and replaceable. It is also supported by an aluminum backing bar to help keep the edge straight.

Features ergonomic handle grips that allow the user to put all of their body weight into pushing and launching the snow. The handles also allow the user to use their wrists and arms to control the down pressure of the shovel. The black powder coating is tough and provides a long-lasting finish.




Features a flip-stick that is instantly deployed for plowing (windrowing) snow to one side. The flip-stick tucks up and out of the way when not in use and does not interfere with pushing, back-dragging, or lifting the snow.


Comes partially assembled – simply install 4 bolts and weighs only 8.8 lbs.


The SnowBlaze is available online and directly through KAGE.

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