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Floating Trip Edge Snow Pusher over curb

The Simply Smart Snow Pusher

The KAGE® SnowFire Blast snow pusher for skid steers, tractors and compact wheel loaders brings the forward thinking of the traditional SnowFire trip edge plow system to a snow box. This speed and safety-oriented box plow keeps late night/early morning snow plowing in mind as it eliminates the need for hydraulic controls and attachments. Simply hook up the quick attach snow plow pusher and go, without worrying about hoses.

This snow plow pusher offers features to protect, the operator, machine and plowing surface while providing the cleanest removal of snow over contoured surfaces and up to curbs. The SnowFire Blast containment plow features the same 8 inch trip edge, 12 degrees of oscillation and 65 degree attack angle of the standard SnowFire. It also ads a floating quick attach, floating skids and a bolt-on containment box for unmatched performance and easy maintenance. That is the KAGE advantage!

Snow Pusher For Skid Steer, Compact Wheel Loader, Utility Tractor

KAGE Snow Pusher - SnowFire Blast


KAGE Snow Pusher - SnowFire BlastSmart & Simple Snow Pusher

The SnowFire Blast pusher quickly attaches to – and detaches from – a skid steer, compact tractor or compact loader to instantly create a revolutionary snow box. This is done in seconds without leaving the cab to connect or disconnect hydraulic hoses. The KAGE Blast takes the advantages of a box plow and trip edge plow and combines them into one fast and seamless snow pusher. Operators can push snow in a hurry – even when tired. The KAGE Blast reduces plowing frustrations with an advanced containment plow that is easy to maintain.


Plastic Snow Pusher SkidsFloating Skids

The KAGE SnowFire Blast containment box does not interfere with the scraping ability of the cutting edge. This snow plow pusher features spring loaded plastic skids that float when they come in contact with objects such as curbs. This allows for cleaner plowing right up to the curb and prevents the machine from being forced to a sudden stop. It also reduces the risk of damaging the curb and/or pusher. The skids lift with the curb as they come in contact with it and then are pushed back down by the leaf springs as pressure from the obstacle is removed.


Trip Edge

Unlike most snow pushers, the SnowFire Blast is a trip edge plow, meaning that the cutting edge will break away, folding back 70 degrees, when it comes in contact with immovable objects. This allows it to maintain contact with a curb while still pushing snow up and over it.

Floating Quick Attach

The floating quick attach allows for contouring to surfaces that are uneven front to back and helps enable consistent down pressure and attack angles without constantly adjusting the boom of your machine – even when plowing up or down hills.



SnowFire Blast Oscillation PlateOscillation

For that constant contact on surfaces that are uneven side to side, the SnowFire blast allows for up to 12 degrees of oscillation through the use of the SnowFire slot plate on the back of the moldboard. This is extremely helpful when pushing snow on a side hill or other lateral slope to keep the cutting edge flat with the plowing surface and prevent gouging.



Bolt on Snow Pusher Side Panels - SnowFire BlastBolt-on Sides

The bolt-on side panels of the snow box allow for easy replacement and upgrades without having to be a welder – or hire one. Simply remove and replace bolts for upgrades or for access to repair or replace damaged parts of the pusher over time.

Attack Angle

The SnowFire Blast skid steer snow pusher uses the same aggressive 65-degree attack angle of the cutting edge as the standard SnowFire plow and pusher system for optimal scraping capabilities.

SnowFire Blast pusher on Bobcat T66 track loader

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Snowfire Blast Track Loader Snow PusherSnowFire Blast Snow Pusher Back

Tri-Formed Box For Strength

The KAGE Moldboard has a reinforcement structure like no other in its class. The full length Tri-Formed Box structure gives it the maximum torque resistance and rigidity. We take skid steer pushing seriously. The moldboard steel is 10ga GRADE 50, which has a high tensile strength, making it difficult to dent and tear, prolonging the life of the finish and plow itself.


Heavy Duty Snow Plow Powder Coating

The powder coated SnowFire Blast snow pusher box and moldboard has a powder coat and primer baked on at 400+ degrees to safeguard all of the steel components and keep the pusher looking great for years. To avoid rust streaks and deteriorating pockets of corrosion, we use a proprietary method of applying seam sealer to all un-welded joints prior to the finish getting baked on. This  increases the life of the finish and quality of its appearance.


Blade Down Pressure

Snow Pusher Down Pressure? Bring it on! This trip edge pusher is meant to take the abuse so common to skid steer snow pushing.

SnowFire Blast Hardox Steel Cutting EdgeReplaceable Plow Cutting Edge

Our cutting edges adhere to highway department standards and will fit any ‘standard highway punch’ design. Just replace the edge as needed – no need to move, rotate, flip or flop! SnowFire Blasts come standard with high carbon steel cutting edges but can easily accommodate both poly cutting edges and the KAGE AdvantEDGE sectional cutting edge!



Snow Pusher Oscillation

Blast Snow Pusher OscillationA snow pusher with oscillation prevents situations when your cutting edge doesn’t stay flat on the plowing surface, whether due to uneven pavement, or improper boom adjustment. The KAGE SnowFire Blast always stays flat on the plowing surface, from tip to tip – even with down pressure applied! Never again do you have to worry about one side digging in as you drive over bumps, crowns or side slopes.

Plastic Snow Pusher Skids

Plastic Skids

Plastic skids are much more gentle than rigid steel shoes. They drastically reduce the damage done to delicate surfaces, such as turf, parking blocks and even curbs.




Blast snow pusher with carbide AdvantEdge

AdvantEdge Sectional Cutting Edge

Upgrade to this spring loaded live cutting edge that allows different sections to raise and lower to accommodate crowns, wheel depressions, manhole covers, potholes and more while maintaining constant contact with the plowing surface. This flex steel cutting edge reduces wear on the cutting edge and damage done by the cutting edge. AdvantEdge sectional cutting edges are available in steel or carbide.


Top Back Drag Kit On SnowFire Blast Snow Pusher

Back Drag Pusher Kit

Do you have sites where you’re regularly back dragging snow? Do you want to dramatically increase the efficiency of your snow plow when back dragging snow? The Back Drag Pusher Kit, is designed specifically to fit KAGE SnowFire Blast snow pusher systems.

This back drag kit is installed on the top of the pusher, allowing you to tip the pusher down on its front and back drag while still utilizing the containment capabilities of the pusher box.

This accessory will add to the weight and dimensions of the snow pusher. For instance, an 8-foot SnowFire Blast without the back drag kit is 54 x 103 x 35 inches and weighs 1497 lbs. With the kit added, it increases to 60 x 103 x 41 inches while bumping it up to 1735 lbs.


 Carbide Cutting Edge Life ExtenderCutting Edge Life Extenders

Add these carbide edge extenders at the ends, and center of the plow to increase the life expectancy of your cutting edges.

These are sold in kits including the carbide embedded edge, and two bolts and locknuts to replace the existing hardware.

Use the cutting edge life extenders to get more use out of your steel cutting edges on this advanced snow pusher system.


Poly Cutting Edge on SnowFire BlastPolyurethane Cutting Edge

The Polyurethane Cutting Edge is useful when plowing delicate surfaces such as decorative concrete and pavers, or sealcoating. In our experience, this proprietary blend of polyurethanes outlasts rubber, and even steel in some cases without damaging the plowing surface. The blade is 1 ½ inches thick, pre-drilled and the optional kit comes with a steel support strip and extra long carriage bolts for easy installation.











Available Quick Attaches

SnowFire Blast Skid Steer Snow Pusher

Universal Skid Steer Mount

Universal Skid Steer Mount on SnowFire BlastThe Universal Skid Steer Mount is the standard for the SnowFire Blast pusher. This couples to any modern skid steer in seconds. Then just couple the hydraulic couplers to the machine auxiliary hydraulic and you are ready to roll snow!




  • SBK72 – 5,000+ LBS
  • SBK96 – 6,000+ LBS
  • SBK108 – 6,500+ LBS
  • SBK120 – 7,000+ LBS


SnowFire Blast on CAT Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader Attachments

The newest attachment style offered for the SnowFire Blast series is for compact wheel loaders and tractor-loader-backhoes. This system can incorporate many different styles of hook-and-pin style attachments OR universal skid steer attachments. Uniquely designed for compact wheel loader applications, this attachment allows the plow to float while driving over uneven terrain. This floating hitch style is recommended for all wheel loader applications because it increases the ability to steer the loader, and the scraping ability of the plow.  For available Quick Attaches see our specification tab.


  • SDP72 = 5,000+ LBS
  • SDP96 = 6,000+ LBS
  • SDP108 = 6,500+ LBS
  • SDP120 = 7,000+ LBS
  • SDP144 = 7,500+ LBS

2 Pin Style Tractor Mount

Another Option for attachment is the 2 pin style tractor mount. This hitch is used in combination with one of the Kage Tractor Undercarriages for compact tractors.


  • SDP96 = 40 + Horsepower
  • SDP108 = 50 + Horsepower
  • SDP120 = 60 + Horsepower
  • SDP144 = 75 + Horsepower
  • Rear counter-weight is recommended for better traction.

Blue Snow Pusher on John Deere Skid Steer

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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee


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