LiquidRage Brine and Weed Sprayer

Liquid Sprayer for Skid Steers, Compact Tractors and Utility Vehicles

In the snow and landscaping industry, liquid application is becoming more widespread. Liquid sprayers are more versatile, target focused, and easier to operate. Not to mention how much less damage it has on its surroundings to other popular forms of application or treatment.

Due to its many benefits, many municipalities are moving away from dry applications in favor of liquid brine sprayers. They have become all the RAGE! Brine sprayers are commonly used for pre-treatment before a snowfall to prevent snow and ice from sticking to a given ground surface.

They also have a firm place in the lawn care industry to control weeds and disperse fertilizer in addition to spraying dust-suppression liquids on dirt or gravel parking lots and roads.

KAGE’s LiquidRage is a versatile boomless liquid sprayer with various functions designed for compact utility equipment such skid steers, compact tractors and UTVs.

Our liquid sprayer has a patent-protected skid steer attachment plate with a built-in 3-point hitch. This allows you to switch between a tractor and a skid steer without a needing a separate adaptor. The LiquidRage comfortably fits into the back of most UTVs with hydraulic capabilities.

We provide you with various options without having to buy a separate attachment. Our liquid sprayer has adjustable, quick connect, anti-corrosion nozzles to best suit your needs within seconds. KAGE’s LiquidRage also has multiple accessory options to maximize the product’s and your department’s efficiency, including a brine mixer, hose reel and spray wand.



Liquid Sprayer for Snow, Dirt and Lawn Care

Brine Sprayer for Skid Steers

Ice Prevention Sprayer

The LiquidRage

The LiquidRage is the most versatile boomless liquid sprayer on the market. KAGE has a patent protected attachment plate so that, you don’t need any adaptors when switching between vehicles. Equipping the LiquidRage with various attachments for the winter and summer months, this liquid sprayer does it all! The versatile 150 gallon sprayer also offers numerous optional attachments for specific tasks to make your job easier!

LiquidRage Lawn Weed Sprayer

Weed Control Sprayer

LiquidRage Sprayer for Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression Sprayer

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The Nozzles

Liquid Sprayer Anti Ice Brine Adjustable Spray Nozzles

The LiquidRage boomless sprayer is equipped with easily adjustable nozzles to fit your needs best. To prevent accidental dripping or drainage, KAGE has check valves on each nozzle. The tips are quick-connect style with anti-corrosion and properties that prevent build-up and limit downtime for maintenance.

Skid Steer, 3-Point Attachment Plate

This patent-protected design allows you to switch between a skid steer and a tractor seamlessly. You do not have to buy any adaptors. Latch on and go! KAGE has also designed this liquid sprayer to comfortably fit into the back of most UTVs. Built-in fork pockets add to the convenience of lifting and transporting the tank and sprayer system.

Protectant Flange

The KAGE liquid sprayer is equipped with an extended protective metal flange. This keeps your sprayer bar and nozzles safe from accidental damage.

The Tank

LiquidRage Anti Ice Brine Sprayer Tank on John Deere Skid Steer

To ensure that you, as an operator, can complete the job, KAGE designed the LiquidRage with a 150-gallon tank. The 150-gallon capacity is the largest on the market for UTV sprayers and provides hours of spraying between fill-ups no matter which carrier you use. We understand that you do not want to fill the tank more times than you need to, so we “overbuilt it” by giving it extra capacity. KAGE intends to ensure that we fit your potential needs.

Note: Some UTVs and Wheel Loaders are not capable of carrying the weight a full 150-gallon tank. In which case, only fill the tanks to fall within the capabilities your machine can handle.

Pressure Regulator

KAGE’s liquid brine sprayer has a built-in pressure regulator with an easily adjustable knob. It also has an application rate graph on the tank to assist new operators.

Stainless Steel Plate

KAGE desires your equipment to last long, so we made the front plate out of stainless steel. Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion. Therefore, this simple plate reduces downtime and repairs.

Pump Motor

The LiquidRage has a built-in motor to pump the liquid to the sprayer bar. KAGE’s pump motor design has a filter to keep unwanted substances from getting to the motor and damaging it. This motor also comes in handy when other attachments have been installed, such as the KAGE Brine Mixer.

Drain Valve

To make it easy to empty your tank, we added a drain valve to the bottom of the LiquidRage. This diverts the liquid from going to the motor instead of going outside the tank.

The Winter (Standard) Kit

LiquidRage De-Icing Sprayer Nozzles

The KAGE winter kit comes standard on the LiquidRage. It has everything you need to brave the winter weather with liquid RAGE. It is built specifically for brine and salt applications, but is not restricted to only salt brines. KAGE’s winter kit has everything you need for your winter battles.

The nozzles on the standard kit are designed to spray downward to penetrate snow and ice if necessary. However, it is important to note that anti-icing brine is most effective when sprayed prior to a winter event to prevent snow and ice build-up.


Broadcast Kit

LiquidRage Weed Sprayer Nozzles

A LiquidRage broadcast kit is an additional option for KAGE’s liquid sprayer. It has solenoid valves on and broadcast nozzles on both ends. It also comes with a spray nozzle to replace the standard center tip on the LiquidRage.

This broadcast kit has a unique feature that allows you to turn on one or both sides of the liquid sprayer. We do this with an easily installed wiring harness with a switch that is equipped with a clamp. This allows you to place the switch where it is most convenient.

The broadcast kits are most popular for weed control and dust suppression applications as the nozzles are designed to spray outward to cover a wider swath (up to 30 feet wide).


The Hose Reel Kit

The self retracting stainless steel reel comes complete with a 50 foot long hose and spray wand.

The hose reel kit is an additional attachment that allows you to be more target focused. The spray wand nozzle has adjustments that will enable you to switch between a mist and a stream.

It is also equipped with an ergonomic mount that allows you to mount the hose reel inside or outside the frame. That way, the hose reel can be protected and out of the way.

Whether you desire it to be out of the way, or it does not matter for your application, the LiquidRage hose reel is designed to best suit your needs.


The Brine Mixer

KAGE’s brine mixer mounts right to the top of the LiquidRage’s 150-gallon tank, allowing the operator to mix a bag of brine within seconds.

All the operator has to do is turn the valve and dump the bag. You don’t even need a knife! The brine mixer has a serrated flange that breaks the bag for you.

This attachment brings the pump’s water from inside the tank to disperse from the tube inside the brine mixer. This makes for fast mixing at the flip of a switch. Using the sheet above will get you the perfect salinity.

Swath Dimensions for the Winter (Standard) Kit

Swath Dimensions for the Broadcast Kit


Here, we’ll take a look at the most commonly asked questions about liquid weed control, dust suppression and anti-icing bring sprayers. At KAGE Innovation, we have a solid knowledge base resource of information available to answer these questions, solve problems and address pain points in the landscape and snow & ice removal industries around the topic of liquid sprayers – including the LiquidRage. Click on the question below to read a blog about that topic.

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