Minimize Back Strain

The KAGE® Buddy Strap includes many features that make what was previously a chore, fun! A major benefit of the shovel sling and assist handle strap is that it’s universal, so you can enhance any D-handled snow shovel in 5 minutes, saving you time, money, and back strain.

Simply attach the strap to the shovel and you can sling it over your shoulder for hands-free carrying. For high-speed commercial applications, the one-handed on and off design allows for easy access. When it’s time to use the shovel, the assist handle loop of the Buddy Strap saves your back once again, providing leverage and reducing the need for bending over.

The size and flexibility of the sling and handle allows for easy stacking or storage of multiple shovels without having to remove the strap.  The durable seatbelt material resists damage and abuse, and with reinforced stitching and grommets, the heavy-duty strap won’t tear or weather. Make shoveling fun and “weightless” so you can enjoy winter again.


Kage Buddy Strap

Hands-free Carrying

With the Buddy Strap, you can sling the shovel over your back while you’re pushing the snow blower. The easy one-handed on and off design is perfect for high-speed commercial applications.

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Weightless Shoveling

Giving you a loop to grab, the BUDDY STRAP makes it easy for your back serving as an assist handle. This provides you with extra leverage to scoop and toss snow with less bending and twisting. Reduce back strain and turn the ‘chore’ into ‘fun’!

                                                                                                                                 Buddy Strap Loop image

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Universal Attachment

KAGE® Buddy Straps are built to enhance any D-handled snow shovels in just 5 minutes.

Just slip the strap over the D-handle at the top. Then use the screw connecting the shovel’s shaft and blade to attach the other end of the Buddy Strap, and you’re in business!

It’s just like giving the shovel a back-saving neck tie!

Buddy Strap Close up

Durable Materials

The BUDDY STRAP is made with heavy duty seat belt material that won’t tear or weather.


Quality Construction

Made with reinforced stitching and grommets, the BUDDY STRAP grips on your snow shovels tightly and securely.  



  BUDDY STRAP does not interfere with stacking and storage. You can minimize storage space without worrying about the strap.

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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee