Wing Plow Damage?

Minimize Wing Plow Damage and Increase Operator Awareness

The WingLine is the best way to decrease damage caused by wing plows. Harness this simple guidance technology and dramatically increase the operator awareness and comfort. Municipal plow truck operators already have a lot of responsibility without adding a wing plow to operate… and safely! The KAGE® WingLine™ offers the latest technology to increase safety of municipal snow plow trucks and reduce wing plow damage to mailboxes, parked cars, and guardrails.

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WINGLINE Snow Plow Laser Guidance System

Reduce Neck Strain

Most wing plows are mounted in such a way that you cannot see the tip of the wing from the drivers’ seat. Using mirrors is not always easy, and so the operator is either guessing, or straining over into the passenger seat to see where the plow is at. This neck strain gets old quickly, and it is dangerous.


Keep Your Eyes on the Road and in Control of the Vehicle

The WingLine green laser plow guide instantly projects a line in front of the vehicle directing the operator where the trailing edge of the wing plow will be, seconds before the plow actually arrives at the location. This keeps the operator looking forward, instead of wondering if the plow will encounter the obstacle.


Wing Deployment Alerts

How many times have you forgotten that the wing plow is deployed? The WingLine guidance system automatically projects the green laser beam when the wing plow is deployed. Using a simple IP67 switch mounted on the retract cylinder, this system is almost 100% fail-proof.

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IP67 Rated Connections Resist Corrosion

The wire harness connections earned a IP67 rating providing much-needed resistance to the harsh winter and salt-filled environments.


Universal Suction Cup Mounting

Using the provided suction cup mounts, the laser guide can be aimed to the perfect location in front of the vehicle. Since the WingLine mounts INSIDE the cab, it stays warm and the windshield wipers keep the laser beam unobstructed by snow and ice! A simple refraction tube (pictured on the right below) eliminates any reflection from the windshield.


Smart Switch Improves Reliability and Operator Control

A standard smart switch is mounted to the lift cylinder of the wing plow, and automatically turns the laser on or off when the wing plow is deployed or retracted by the operator, respectively. This can also be overridden by the provided thumb switch.



Maintenance-Free High Powered Laser Module

Class IIIR laser is self contained and maintenance – free.


KAGE Innovation is dedicated to creating the better way of performing routine tasks in the snow removal industry. Part of the better way includes preventing damage caused by snow plows when at all possible. Here you will find a knowledge base full of guides, answers to frequently asked questions and more. Simply click on the question below to read a blog address its topic.

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