Snow plowing is a tough job and requires many hours of labor and sometimes days on the job with little sleep. As a company, we are striving to make this essential industry easier to work in. We are doing this with experience-driven innovation. The snow is beautiful and makes for an excellent Christmas until… you must go outside and endure the cold, ice, and mounds of snow on your driveway and roadways. Keeping people safe is a priority and can be challenging, especially in the winter with new obstacles to overcome. KAGE’s new laser plow guide, the WINGLINE, is helping accomplish these goals.

What is the WINGLINE?

The patented WINGLINE product is a laser beam line generally mounted on the front of a municipal truck. The WINGLINE makes it easier for the operator to know where the edge of their plow or wing plow will be. KAGE chose the easiest color for the human eye to see to ensure the operator sees the laser.

wing line trailing edge

What makes KAGE’s laser plow guide unique?

The WINGLINE laser plow guide is unique because it is mounted inside the cab, away from the harsh weather. It has a slick and compact design that increases the operator’s visibility rather than prohibiting it. In contrast, other products are bulky and difficult to install. They can also accumulate snow and ice buildup that blocks the laser beam. Therefore, requiring an air blast module to keep the laser beam clean.

KAGE’s WINGLINE laser plow guide is also unique because it emits a line in front of the driver rather than a tiny dot to make it easy to see where the laser beam is and, ultimately, the wing plow.

wing line laser plow guide mounted inside a municipal truck

Can the WINGLINE be installed on my machine?

The WINGLINE has a universal heavy-duty suction cup mount that can be installed on any windshield. It is equipped with a simple and easy-install wiring harness. The only power source that it needs is a 12v plug.

The wiring harness itself has a couple of hidden features as well. Not only is it easy to install, but it is also designed to withstand harsh winter weather. The wiring harness on KAGE’s laser plow guide is mounted directly on the wing plow. This enables a unique “auto” mode feature. With this, the operator does not have to worry about remembering to turn the laser on. When the plow is deployed, intentional or not, the laser turns on to indicate that the wing is down and where it is.

wing line wiring harness mounted on the wing plow

How can the WINGLINE laser plow guide help my department?

Because the WINGLINE is projected in front of the machine, it allows the operator to know when their wing is deployed and where it is. The WINGLINE addresses “many of the pain points typically experienced when operating city trucks with wing plows in the height of the winter weather,” stated Ruksana Hussain from Construction Equipment Guide.

Our WINGLINE can eliminate an operator from forgetting that the wing is down. It reduces liability and damage not only to obstacles but also to the truck itself. It also alerts the operator when the wing is down unintentionally.

It is friendly to operator health and safety for the following reasons. Because the beam is in front of the truck, the operator no longer has to strain their neck to know where the plow is. Our WINGLINE also ensures that the operator can keep their eyes on the road while remaining in complete control of their machine. The beam is a class IIIR. Therefore, it is safe for the human eye. The WINGLINE increases operator safety because they know where their plow is, which reduces the probability of an accident.

Our maintenance-free laser ensures that it will work when necessary and be visible to the driver.

Where can I find the WINGLINE?

Kage Innovation’s WINGLINE can be found on our website, including more information about our other products. The WINGLINE can be purchased online, or on the phone. You can contact us on our website or call our office at 1-844-314-KAGE (5243). For further information check out our YouTube channel to learn more about the product and the design process.

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