Snow Plow Products Manufacturer

Hey all you Snow Fighters out there! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning after our routine workout and my wife and I decided we wanted to take you on a quick tour of our snow plow manufacturing facility. Since it’s a Saturday, the shop won’t be as busy as it is during the week, but you’ll get to see some of the latest advancements KAGE has made since the turn of the year and not having some of the chaos like you’d see during the week will be good for this little tour.

Snow Plow Trip Edge Spring Tension Adjustment

Today, were going to do a tutorial on adjusting your SnowStorm snow plow trip edge spring tension. So, for those of you that own KAGE® Snowstorm 12- to 14-foot snow plows, this blog and video are for you. We designed this snow plow for Wheel Loaders, Tractors and other large commercial equipment applications.

Does your snow removal service provider use the right equipment for the job?

snow-removal-service-providerIn most industries, we trust that the professionals we hire to provide a service are using top notch equipment that they’ve selected to be the best from all of their experience. This same assumption should be true for snow removal, right? Let’s ask some basic questions about this and see if we can come to a conclusion about why you should care about your contractors snow removal equipment itself.