The Kage Shadow blade was designed to increase the efficiency of the snow removal contractor. The Shadow Blade is a wing plow that can change direction (go out on either side of the vehicle). Combining this new versatility of a wing plow with the front blade, an operator is sure to find an increase in plowing width and effectiveness in passes. Use the Shadow Blade to not only increase the swath width of the front plow, but also to counter-act the crab walk effect when you are plowing heavy snow to one side. The Shadow Blade may also be used for bench-winging and plowing back banks of snow that lie along the curb and in ditches.

A Rear Tractor Plow Made Simple

Simple Joystick Control

With the Joystick Control, one is able to fully control the movement of the Shadow Blade. Rather than having additional large joysticks or buttons, Kage has made it easy to use with the main joystick control. This allows the operator  the ability to focus on the front plow!

Electric / Hydraulic Valve Circuit

This is the brains of the machine, where all of the signals for movement and hydraulic fluids are run through, for flawless performance.

Floating Top Link

The Shadow Blade is equipped with a floating top link so that the blade can float up and down, following contours of the pavement. Without instantaneous float up and down, the blade would inevitably leave snow behind. With the plow at the ‘normal plowing height’ ensure that your top link is in the middle of it’s float range. There is 5” total of travel. Adjust the turnbuckle until you have approximately 2.5” of thread (float gap) showing at the ‘sliding end’.

Piston Accumulator Relief

The Shadow Blade is equipped standard with a hydraulic piston accumulator which cushions blows that the blade will encounter, and also helps maintain curb lines. The accumulator acts as a high pressure gas spring. If you hit a large obstacle with the shadow blade, it will angle backward until it clears the obstacle. If you angle the shadow blade full forward, and continue to hold the joystick, you are filling the accumulator, and essentially overriding it’s effectiveness. When changing the angle in a forward motion, never hold the joystick down longer than you have to.

Locking Cylinder

The locking plunger mechanism is a mechanical lock that prevents inadvertent drop of the shadow blade when it is in the ‘carry’ or stowed position, regardless of hydraulic failure. The hydraulic cylinder has a spring built into the extension function, thereby always pushing the plunger against the bulkhead trying to engage the pin in the slot. Not until the operator activates the rotate function, does the pin retract. When the wing is within +/- 5 degrees of TDC, the pin will engage a ‘holding slot’ in the bulkhead. When the pin is engaged in the slot, the wing cannot fall. Grease the pin with light weight grease every 20 hrs, or twice a year so that it does not seize up.

Rear Tractor Plow Options to Benefit Your Snow Plowing

Laser Guidance System:

The Shadow Blade has an optional laser guidance system that helps to remind the operator when the shadow blade is deployed off to either side, and helps keep the operator’s attention focused forward, rather than constantly looking backwards to see what is happening.

18in Wing Kit Extension

Just by mounting this optional 18in wing extension gives the operator the ability to contain and or plow more snow by either having the straight wing extension or the angled extension. All it takes is a few bolts to attach the wing and you have 18 more inches of plowing ability!

Rear Tractor Plow Specifications

  • 1 Rear Auxiliary with constant flow detent
  • Cat II 3 point hitch (most common)
  • Recommended tractor weight no less than
    9,500 LBS
  • Weight KMX9 (Standard Assembly) – 1,620 lbs
  • Weight Optional 17 Degree Wing Extension – 102 lbs
  • Weight Optional Straight Wing Extension – 102 lbs
  • Operating Voltage – 12VDC
  • Operating Current – <20 amp
  • Optional Laser Beam Classification – IIIR
  • Moldboard Height – 33 in