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Snow Plow ManufacturersWhile spring is here in full force, it’s never too early to think about snow removal! At KAGE Innovation, we live and breathe snow removal year round, and if you’re dreading heading into winter without a real plan on how you’re going to serve your customers or residents, now’s the time to learn more about our revolutionary snow plow products.

The Best Rear Plow For Your Tractor

The Kage Shadow blade was designed to increase the efficiency of the snow removal contractor. The Shadow Blade is a wing plow that can change direction (go out on either side of the vehicle). Combining this new versatility of a wing plow with the front blade, an operator is sure to find an increase in plowing width and effectiveness in passes. Use the Shadow Blade to not only increase the swath width of the front plow

Kage Testimonial

My thoughts on the snow removal industry as a whole is somewhat of an exciting one. Many landscapers across the country engage in conversation via social media groups and forums. Throughout the growing season we discuss strategies, weather patterns

Start Enjoying Your Winter Plowing!

Start Enjoying Your Winter Plowing!

If you are in the commercial snow removal industry you know that these plows are associated with big bucks and when you’re out a snowplow it’s costing you and usually more than we think! This is just one of the main reasons we at Kage have created a durable steel and polyurethane blade and box plow that surpass the rest. With a highly advanced and protected