KAGE Tractor Undercarriage Mount for Snow Plows

Tractor Plow: Easy To Install Undercarriage For 3 Point Mounted Plows

Kanon Kulpa, marketing director for KAGE Innovation is introducing the KAGE tractor 3 point undercarriage. The tractor and plow combination is an emerging force in the snow removal business. In Canada, tractors have been the preferred choice for moving snow for many years.

The Best Plow on the Market!

The Kage makes quick work out of any town home driveways. How long would clearing a town home driveway take with a truck or any other machine? Turn your compact tractor or skid steer into a winter profit machine. It’s up to you; how fast do you want to go?

Increase Productivity, Use a Power Angle Blade – Kage Advantage #16

We’ve already discussed the brilliance of Kage’s two in one genius. Even though the SnowKage may look like a common snow pusher there are no similarities at all. That is why we call it the SnowKage. So how is the SnowKage different? Because the SnowKage is a pusher that angles. When contractors familiar with pushers first see this they say