The Best Plow on the Market!

The Kage makes quick work out of any town home driveways. How long would clearing a town home driveway take with a truck or any other machine? Turn your compact tractor or skid steer into a winter profit machine. It’s up to you; how fast do you want to go?

What is the advantage of a snow plow edge guard?

At Kage we know that most contractors run their Kage blades along many miles of concrete curbs during each snow event. Over time, this can cause wear on the edge of the base angle and even the trip edge pivot point. This can cause an operator to not get the full...

Which Is Better For Plowing Snow: Skid-Steer or Truck

If you place a skid steer and a truck on the same lot in the same snow event, a skid steer would beat a truck hands down. Plowing with a truck, you have to backup and do not have the zero-turn that a skid-steer does. With a truck, you will spend half of your time backing up because you can only plow in one direction. The Kage angle plow is the fastest, most efficient way to move snow from a surface. Examine how the roads are cleared in your city, for instance. The local municipality uses fixed or reversible plows to push the snow to one side of the road at high speeds. Imagine the profitability gained by replacing a pickup truck using a plow, with one Kage System ran on a skidsteer. Your sites can look better, faster, with less equipment and manpower.

Plowing Efficiently With A Snow Pusher – Why Kage Takes The Upper Hand

Over the last several months, we have gone over the many different unique features of the Kage system. Proving how they work and how they are beneficial to the contractor and end user. There are still a few advantages left that we have to go over but those will be in the weeks coming, every Friday. Here is what we have gone over so far…

The Best Back Drag Snow Plow For Your Tractor

The Kage Shadow blade was designed to increase the efficiency of the snow removal contractor. The Shadow Blade is a wing plow that can change direction (go out on either side of the vehicle). Combining this new versatility of a wing plow with the front blade, an...