Kage Testimonial – Superior Lawn

Kage is Getting Noticed, Are You Aware? Lately, Kage Innovation has had a positive affect on the community. From being involved with Plowing Vets to getting noticed at the 2016 Snow and Ice Management trade show in RI and the GIE trade show in KY, it has been a...

Increase Productivity, Use a Power Angle Blade – Kage Advantage #16

We’ve already discussed the brilliance of Kage’s two in one genius. Even though the SnowKage may look like a common snow pusher there are no similarities at all. That is why we call it the SnowKage. So how is the SnowKage different? Because the SnowKage is a pusher that angles. When contractors familiar with pushers first see this they say

Should I Use a Plow or Pusher?

Advantages Of A Plow The advantage of plow over just a pusher is that a plow can cut into the deep ice and frozen snow to make sure and operator is always getting his maximum scraping ability. Why would one even bother plowing if you were not scraping off the snow and...