KAGE Innovation offers snow and ice removal attachments and accessories ideal for the commercial snow industry. This all started with a skid steer attachment called the SnowFire – a snow pusher and snow blade 2-in-1 plowing system. KAGE snow removal products have proven to revolutionize the industry, resulting in development of more unique equipment designed to create a better way to remove snow and ice – or at least make the job easier for the professional snow fighter.



Kage SnowDozer Snow Plow on CAT Front End Loader

Large modular snow plow blade and detachable box used on wheel loaders and tractors.


KAGE Snow Pusher - SnowFire Blast

Fixed side trip edge snow pusher with float for compact loaders & tractors, telehandlers, skid steers and utility work machines.


Buddy Strap Snow Shovel Aid

Ergonomic shovel sling strap and assist handle for transport and shovel aid.


Snow Plow Marking Stakes

Snow stake system that includes a quiver,120 flexible orange driveway markers and snow stake installation tool.


1200 Series KAGE UnderHitch Tractor Hitch Undercarriage Using SnowDozer Wing snow plow

Self-leveling large modular hydraulic wing plow used on wheel loaders and tractors.



Large reversible tractor pull wing plow blade that mounts to a CAT II 3-Point Hitch.


LiquidRage salt brine sprayer

Brine sprayer for skid steers and tractors to pre-treat surfaces with anti-icing salt brine and chemicals.


Snow pusher shovel with angle pushing capability for windrowing.


KAGE SnowStorm snow plow on John Deere Tractor

Used on mid-sized wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, tele-handlers and agricultural tractors.


Advantedge Sectional Snow Plow Cutting Edge

Sectional snow plow cutting edge with universal mount for municipal truck, skid steer, tractor, and front loader plows.


Skidsteer tires for better traction in snow

Skid steer snow tire kit with 4 Michelin XM+S4 Retreads mounted on commercial-grade steel rims.


Snow Removal Equipment Tractor Mounting System

Undercarriage mount for tractors to allow great visibility over loader arms and improved center of gravity for plowing snow.


KAGE SnowFire Skid Seer Snow Plow

Plow and box used on Skid Steers, Tractors, Telehandlers and Compact Loaders.


WingLine green laser snow plow guide

Bright green laser line, directed in front of your side wing to prevent wing plow damage.


Kage Poly Rotor Paddles on Toro Snowblower

Snowblower paddles proven to last at least 4 times longer than the rubber replacement blades on single-stage snow blowers.

At KAGE Innovation, we don’t just settle for the industry standards, we have made it our goal to revolutionize the way snow plowing and pushing is completed. Minimize the time it takes you to get through the nightly snow removal routine and maximize the amount of commercial and residential properties you can clear through with our highly advanced and durable snow removal products.

Get to the asphalt in one pass with our snow removal equipment. Our snow plow and pusher equipment is constructed with extreme durability and functionality. Are you sick of losing all that snow and having to go back around to clean it up? How about moving snow to one place, just to move it to the next? All of these common snow removal issues take both time and money, which is why we’ve solved these and many other problems with our quality equipment.

Snowfire Skid Steer Snow Plow and PusherKAGE SnowFire 2-In-1 Snow Plow & Pusher System

  • Angle plow with or without the containment box
  • Stack snow higher without needing to dump
  • Maintain constant contact for better scraping through oscillation and float – even when angle plowing or on slopes
  • Plow closer to curbs without damage with spring-loaded trip edge
  • Plow 90 degree corners
  • Back drag with precision

The KAGE Innovation products allow you to be more efficient with added snow control, a simple design, easy function and they can all take a beating – which is what winter brings each and every year. Don’t get hung up on a curbs or other obstacles, with the trip edge the worry of damages is greatly decreased. So you and your crew can focus on the task at hand, not nightly repairs.

These 2-in-1 snow removal systems are available for skid steers, tractors, front end loaders and telehandlers and are great for clearing at:

  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Ramps
  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Airport Runways
  • Bank & Restaurant Drive Thrus
  • Sidewalks

Top Back Drag Kit On SnowFire Blast Snow PusherSnowFire Blast Straight Pusher

KAGE’s new SnowFire Blast is straight snow pusher. In other words, it does not angle. This is economical snow pusher with fixed sided panels that also includes many advanced features without the need for hydraulic hoses. Those features include:

  • Spring loaded floating plastic skids to reduce potential damage
  • Trip edge for better curb clearing and reduced damage
  • Floating quick attach for consistent down pressure
  • Oscillation for constant contact on side slopes
  • Bolt-on sides for easy maintenance
  • Compatibility with steel, poly, carbide or rubber standard highway punch cutting edge
  • Optional top-mounted back drag kit

Complete Line of Snow Removal Equipment

KAGE offers four different snow pusher options (three of which include the 2-in-1 system), snow plows for both the front and back of tractors, wheel loader (front end loader) plows and pushers and brine sprayers. It also offers accessories to improve the efficiency of both your machines and existing plows including skid steer snow tires, undercarriage mounts for tractors, laser guides for municipal plow trucks, rotor paddles for snow blowers, high visibility driveway markers (as well as snow stake installation tools) and cutting edges of various materials and styles that can be mounted on nearly any snow plow.

Away from the machines, KAGE’s snow accessories include shovels as well as slings and assist handles for shovels.

Browse our extensive selection of innovative snow removal equipment designed to help you clear snow The Better Way!


SnowStorm Tractor  Snow Plow pushing snowKAGE Innovation has multiple tractor snow plow options, whether you are looking for a snow blade, snow pusher or rear mounted three-point hitch snow plow wing. We even offer tractor undercarriage kits to use with our front mounted plows.

Compact tractor snow plow for John DeereCompact Tractor Snow Plow & Pusher

When combined with a KAGE tractor mount, the SnowFire 2-in-1 snow plow and box system is a great tool for compact tractors up to 15,000 lbs. This system allows for:

  • 35-degree angle plowing
  • easy stacking
  • 12-degree oscillation
  • hydraulic clamp-on box attachment
  • 70-degree trip edge curb plowing
  • tight-turn plowing
  • 6-12 foot swaths

Top Back Drag Kit On SnowFire Blast Snow PusherIf angle plowing isn’t a concern, the Snow Fire Blast snow pusher is another great option. With this pusher system you get all of the benefits of a 2-in-1 SnowFire minus the angle plowing option and the ability to remove the containment box. It also ads the following features:

  • floating plastic skids
  • floating quick attachment
  • optional top-mounted back drag kit
  • trip edge
  • universal highway punch cutting edge mount
  • optional poly cutting edge
  • optional sectional cutting edge in steel or carbide

Mid-Size Tractor Snow Plow and PusherMid-Size Tractor Snow Plow & Pusher

For 15,000 to 30,000-lb. tractors, we recommend using the SnowStorm 2-in-1 snow plow and box system which features:

  • industry best 36-degree angle plowing
  • easy stacking
  • 12 degrees of oscillation
  • hydraulic clamp-on containment box
  • 90-degree trip edge
  • tight turning
  • 10-14 foot plow widths

shadowblade tractor rear snow plow3 Point Rear Hitch Mounted Snow Plow

When you want that extra attack width for a tractor weighing at least 9500 lbs., you’ll want to check out the rear mounted side wing plow called the ShadowBlade.  This revolutionary plow:

  • switches to either side of the tractor
  • folds for transport
  • counter-acts crab walk effect of side plowing
  • bench wings
  • pushes back curb and ditch snow banks
  • “breaks away” with obstacles and returns
  • allows for optional wing extensions

Kubota Tractor Undercarriage MountUndercarriage Mounts

KAGE offers tractor undercarriage mounts designed specifically for John Deere and Kubota Tractors that help the tractor move large quantities of snow without interfering with visibility or damaging your machine. These mounts are available for Cat II 3-point style and 2 pin style hitches.

Please contact KAGE Innovation with questions or concerns with any of our tractor snow plow options and accessories.



Front End Loader Plowing Snow with KAGE Plow

All of KAGE’s snow pushers are are Made in the USA and compatible with front end loaders, including both the 2-in-1 systems and the straight pusher. It’s simply a matter of choosing a front end loader snow plow to fit the size of your machine and the type of functions you wish to perform with your plow or pusher.

SnowFire Compact Front End Loader Plow with detachable boxCompact Loader Plows

For Wheel Loaders weigh up to 15,000 pounds, the KAGE SnowFire snow blade and box system is an excellent solution. The SnowFire offers the following time saving and performance enhancing features.

  • Snow blade with camlock detachable containment box
  • 65-degree attack angle
  • 35-degree angle plowing
  • 12-degree oscillation above the cutting edge
  • 70-degree trip edge
  • Universal cutting edge mount
  • connect-under-pressure hydraulic hoses
  • 3,000 psi hydraulic crossover relief valve
  • 6-12 foot width options
  • tri-form box construction
  • 32-inch tall moldboard

Top Back Drag Kit On SnowFire Blast Snow PusherIf angle plowing and back dragging aren’t a primary concern, the SnowFire Blast straight snow pusher is also a great option. The SnowFire blast differs from traditional snow pushers in that it comes standard with a:

  • Trip edge
  • Steel cutting edge
  • Plastic floating skids
  • Floating quick attach
  • Oscillation above the cutting edge
  • Bolt together design
  • tri-form box moldboard support

Clamp on snow plow for front end loaderMid-size Front End Loader Plow

For front end loaders weighting between 15,000 and 30,000 pounds, the SnowStorm plow and box system is recommended. This mid-size payloader snow plow system comes standard with the following features:

  • snow blade and hydro-clamp detachable containment box
  • 65-degree attack angle
  • industry best 36-degree angle plowing
  • 12-degree oscillating above the cutting edge
  • 90-degree dual trip edge
  • universal cutting edge mount
  • connect under pressure hydraulic hoses
  • 2,500 psi crossover relief valve
  • 10-14 foot width options
  • tri-form box moldboard construction
  • 36-inch tall moldboard

SnowDozer Payloader snow plow and pusherLarge Payloader Snow Plow

When it comes to big job where a 30,000 to 50,000-lb payloader is needed, it’s time for a SnowDozer 2-in-1 snow plow and pusher system. The front end loader plow is equipped with:

  • snow blade and hydraulic locking pin detachable containment box
  • adjustable attack angle
  • 34-degree angle plowing
  • 12-degree oscillation
  • 90-degree trip edge
  • Universal cutting edge mount
  • 2,500 psi crossover relief
  • 12-20 foot width options
  • 48-inch tall moldboard

Please contact KAGE Innovation to inquire or order any of these front end loader snow plows and snow pushers at 844-314-KAGE.

KAGE Innovation, (KAGE) guarantees for a trial period of 15 days from delivery, to the original purchaser, that the product will perform as described in KAGE created marketing materials or your money back. Prior to awarding a return authorization, KAGE reserves the right to discuss proper setup and use of the product with the purchaser or operator to ensure the equipment is being used as intended; which may require photographs of setup and use. The return authorization will be awarded only after proper setup and use has been achieved and the product does not perform as described.

This money back guarantee reimburses 100% of the purchase & shipping costs. However, all return shipping and shipping arrangements are the responsibilities of the original purchaser.

After speaking with a KAGE customer service representative, that has approved the return; the original purchaser will be provided with a return authorization number. Once KAGE has received the product, at the address provided, the refund will be processed. In order for the return to be valid, the original purchaser must have the product in transit to KAGE within 14 days from the issue of the return authorization number.

Money Back Guarantee

The amount of snowfall can seem limitless. Make sure you equip yourself with the same unending possibilities to move and remove it. KAGE Innovation’s snow plow equipment permits long lasting function, stylish appearance, low maintenance and durable construction – all with universal mounts.

Stack snow to new heights. See your customers, employees and families happier than ever, and experience your business thriving like never before when counting on the superior performance of KAGE Innovation’s snow removal products. Get home early or have time to make more money when it snows with the help of fast, efficient and convenient KAGE Innovation snow removal products.

Contact us today with any questions, concerns or requests at info@kageinnovation.com or 1-844-314-KAGE (5243)!