What we stand for


There are many facets of doing business. The following are the most important to us.


We all face things in our work day that are difficult or just don’t work out the way we want them to.  Because of this we, as individuals, need to persevere. As a team, we persevere through assistance, collaboration and volunteering. We all have to rise to the daily challenges set in front of us.


Truthfulness is important in the work place because in order for us to be successful we need to count on our employees and employers to tell the truth.


You’ve heard the expression, “willing and able”. Willingness and ability are distinctly different. Ability is synonymous with skill; it is a raw material. You don’t choose to have ability, however, it is an attitude – something you choose to be. It’s not about us, it’s about you.


Practicing and executing what you think may be impossible to achieve are vital to overcoming competition when you want to win or in some cases have to win. Competition is ingrained in every one of us – the driving force that keeps us advancing rather than staying ‘status quo’. Work hard, practice hard and be bold in your conquest to Be the Best.


Being BRAVE allows personal growth and transformation to come to life. By being BRAVE we face a lot of challenges, but if you stay the course incredible things will happen.


As a team, we must remain LOYAL to our shield and to each other. We must devote our time and energy to growing KAGE into a trustworthy company that can be counted on. Without it, we’ll have nothing to build on for our future. For these very reasons, we must be LOYAL to ourselves, our team and to our beliefs.


The act of being humble is putting others’ needs above your own.  It is saying “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong. It is allowing a teammate or coworker to teach you something. Having humility is the greatest act of servanthood, yet shows that the person is strong and courageous at the same time.


At KAGE, we will strive for “cleanliness” both in and out of the work place. Being clean is:  how you speak, how you treat others, how professional and respectful you are to vendors and each other, how dependable and organized you are and it’s how we do business.

Our Unique Approach

We Teach the KAGE Way

Education is at the heart of KAGE as we promote and teach our clients a better way to achieve a more efficient and profitable Snow and Ice management business.

We Make It Easy

KAGE dedicates a lot of time and resources to improving our customer’s experience. Whether you’re ordering equipment & parts or concerned about product shipping & on-time delivery, we make the entire process simple to keep our customers on the move.

Direct and Dealer Sales Channels

Tearing down the barriers that hold back innovation, this is KAGE’s mission. It is our intent to remove any obstacle to KAGE product ownership. This is why we have developed the approach that the customer must come first. We use a dual-channel sales approach; that consist of retailers and direct sales.