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The KAGE Grass Catcher electric dump design makes for easy unloading done fast!

Grass catchers and leaf collectors are often used by commercial contractors, landscaping professionals, and homeowners who desire to make it easier to clean up their leaf and grass piles. Grass catchers attach to a lawn mower and collect the grass or leaves into a basket so that the operator can dump them into a wood line, or the side of the road for the leaf vac truck. Previously operators had to get off the mower, unhook the heavy basket and dump it out by hand. The KAGE Katcher makes it easy for the operator with an electric dumping mechanism controlled by an ergonomic, magnetic, toggle switch that sits within inches of the operator’s fingertips. The wiring harness has battery clamps and quick-connect plugs that allow for a quick and easy installation.

The KAGE Katcher saves the operator time and fatigue by doing the work for them. It also allows the operator to switch between collecting and dispersing within seconds. Carefully designed handles allow the operator to haul the KAGE Katcher quickly, and neatly, by wrapping the quick-connect wiring harness around them. Due to the 400lb linear actuator, the KAGE Katcher has extra capacity and extra strength because of its’ steel makeup. Altogether the steel grass catcher remains under 75lbs. The KAGE Katcher is also available as a lightweight aluminum grass catcher.

The terrain you are collecting on is almost never flat, and to accommodate that we have designed the KAGE Katcher in such a way that it is angled up from the ground to accommodate ditches and slopes. The KAGE Katcher is overbuilt by design to make it easier for you and have the most return on your investment.

grass catcher leaf collector automatic grass catcher automatic leaf collector

Electric Dumping Grass Catcher

Getting the job done faster!

Electric Actuator

The electric actuator allows the operator to open and close the grass catcher without leaving the driver’s position. Operators no longer need to stop mowing to empty the grass catcher’s contents, saving them time. It also allows the operator to go between dispersion and collection quickly and seamlessly without taking off the grass catcher. The operator also does not have to worry about overfilling the grass catcher because the actuator has a lift capacity of 400 lbs.

Magnetic Switch Mounting Bracket

The flexible Magnetic Switch Mounting Bracket is easily customizable to provide ergonomic positioning of the control switch. This allows the operator to easily move the switch to where they prefer it.

Battery Clamps

The Battery Clamps allow for easy battery connection and disconnection within a matter of seconds.

Quick Connect Plug

Easily disconnect the wiring harness from the mower and the grass catcher with the Quick Connect Plugs. This allows the operator to leave the wiring harness on the mower and remove the grass catcher.

Bolt-on Intake Plate

We make it easy to switch between different kinds of mowers with the Bolt-on Intake Plate.

Aluminum KAGE Katcher grass catcher handles

Handles for fast removal and storage

The heavy-duty handles allow the operator to quickly remove the grass catcher when necessary. They also provide easy storage for the wiring harness.

Easy Hanging

To provide the operator with the most versatile storage, we have included a way for the operator to hang it up as well.

Angled Design

To accommodate ditches and slopes, the KAGE Katcher is angled upward to clear them.

Steel or Aluminum Baskets

The Kage Katcher is available with heavy duty steel or lightweight aluminum grass catcher basket options.

Steel and Aluminum KAGE Katcher Grass Catchers


Mower Attachment Options


Motorized Grass Catcher Intake Manifolds


Make and Model Compatibility

Kage Katchers are compatible with various brands of walk behind, stand-on and zero turn lawn mowers, including Exmark, Toro, Wright, Ferris & Gravely. Ask us to find out if it will work on your mower.

Kage Katcher Toro Grass Catcher for Zero Turn Mowers

Kage Katcher grass catchers are compatible with Toro 2000 Zero Turn mowers.

Kage Katcher on Wright Stander ZK mower

Kage Katchers install quickly on Wright Stander ZK lawn mowers.

Aluminum Grass Catcher on Wright zxl zero turn mower

Put a Kage Katcher grass catcher on your Wright ZXL zero-turn mower.

Kage Katcher on Exmark Vertex Stand-On Mower

Try the Kage Katcher motorized grass catcher on an Exmark Vertex Stand-On Mower.

KAGE Katcher on Exmark Turf Tracer Mower

The Kage Katcher is the perfect grass catcher accessory for Exmark Turf Tracer walk behind mowers.

KAGE Grass Catcher on Ferris Zero Turn Mower

The Kage Katcher is compatible with Ferris zero turn mowers.


Aluminum Grass Katcher

  • 47x19x24 Inches
  • 39 lbs.
  • 5.8 cubic feet capacity

Steel Grass Katcher

  • 47x19x24 inches
  • 79 lbs.
  • 5.8 cubic feet capacity

KAGE Katcher Specifications


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