Lawn Maintenance Equipment


KAGE Innovation designs lawn maintenance equipment with the operator in mind. We can do this because of our hands-on, long hours of experience in the yard maintenance industry. KAGE Innovation has constructed an easily attachable, walk behind mower sulky that is highly focused on the users comfort and safety. We also pride all of our products on their ease of use and long lasting performance life. A proper working, durable and easy to use wheel sulky will increase your lawn maintenance company’s productivity, improve lawn appearance and ease or prevent machine operator pain.
We have gone above and beyond the standard to bring you a durable, two wheel sulky with suspension, platform adjustability and large tires – all which will help the operator stay comfortable and more efficient. This easy to use lawn maintenance mower attachment has three adjustable settings, because one position does not fit all, regardless if you’re talking about lawns or your crew. The adjustable points include:

  1. Adjusts the distance between the mower and the sulky
  2. Fine tunes the first adjustment
  3. Alters the suspension and pitch
Suspension will ease the constant wear on the operator’s knees and back, relieving strain, in even the most uneven terrain. Jumping blades area a thing of the past with the Kage Wheel Kaddy. The suspension is designed to permit a more level, strait and flawless cut finish even when not mowing a flat lawn.
  • No Grease Bearings
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durable Construction
  • Larger, Longer Lasting Tires
  • Easy Attachment and Removal (no pin)
  • Easy use in Every Direction
  • Weight Shifting Brace
  • Stays inside Mower Track
  • Equipped with Over-Steering Prevention
  • Easy Zero Turn Capability
  • Additional Ground Clearance
If you are looking for a way to improve efficiency, curb appeal, safety, comfort, spend less time with repairs and more time earning an income – purchase the KAGE Innovation Wheel Kaddy. It will be an investment everyone can benefit from and will outlast any other walk behind mower sulky! It also comes with a two year structural warranty.

Contact KAGE Innovation today for any questions, concerns or requests at or 1-844-314-KAGE (5243)!

KAGE Innovation, (KAGE) guarantees for a trial period of 15 days from delivery, to the original purchaser, that the product will perform as described in KAGE created marketing materials or your money back. Prior to awarding a return authorization, KAGE reserves the right to discuss proper setup and use of the product with the purchaser or operator to ensure the equipment is being used as intended; which may require photographs of setup and use. The return authorization will be awarded only after proper setup and use has been achieved and the product does not perform as described.

This money back guarantee reimburses 100% of the purchase & shipping costs. However, all return shipping and shipping arrangements are the responsibilities of the original purchaser.

After speaking with a KAGE customer service representative, that has approved the return; the original purchaser will be provided with a return authorization number. Once KAGE has received the product, at the address provided, the refund will be processed. In order for the return to be valid, the original purchaser must have the product in transit to KAGE within 14 days from the issue of the return authorization number.

Lawn Maintenance Equipment Money Back Guarantee