Wheel Kaddy Walk Behind Mower Sulky by KAGE® Innovation

Mow Faster For Longer With A Trailer Sulky

The KAGE Wheel Kaddy was designed with one purpose in mind: Surpass the longevity of the other sulkies available on the market. Other brands just aren’t built like they are serious about making something to last. Tires are too small, bearings wear out right away, arm welds break… All that is a thing of the past with the Wheel Kaddy.

Our Wheel Kaddy walk behind mower sulky is also more comfortable for the operator. It is equipped with larger tires, side slope footing, and an exclusive pitch adjustment mechanism that allows the operator to stand perfectly level. And two of our three Wheel Kaddy models even offer suspension, making it easier on you ankles, knees and back.

WHEEL KADDY Walk Behind Lawn Mower Sulkies

Mower Sulky wheel-kaddy

Advantages to the Walk-Behind Mower

“You mean that I can’t sit down?!”…might be the knee-jerk response to the question “should we use walk-behinds or ZTR’s?” Well before the jerk travels into the hand on your check book for the costly ZTR, consider the following facts:

  • The walk-behind can maneuver better on slopes with less damage to the turf.
  • It can get up close around deciduous tree trunks faster with less maneuvering. The smaller wheel width allows a much closer trace around evergreens, without clipping the lower branches week after week.
  • Less turf damage – we can’t say that enough. ZTR’s need more moves in order to turn around without ripping the turf up. This slows you down day after day, minute after minute.
  • Walk-behinds require the operator to stand. After a full day of sitting on a ZTR you are almost more sore and stiff than if you kept yourself limber by standing on a COMFORTABLE sulky. Picking up garbage and other details that might require leaving the ZTR are less likely to happen on a ZTR because the operator has to do too much to leave his seat. That’s another story, when the operator is already standing.

How does the Wheel Kaddy help?

  • The Kage Wheel Kaddy allows the operator to adjust the distance the operator is from the controls so that you are not reaching and are always in control of your machine.
  • Its ergonomic design helps ensure not only comfort, but blood flow to the operators’ extremities that is limited when sitting for long periods of time.


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KAGE Kaddy’s Tires & Bearings

The 10″ and 13″ tire options last longer and have less ground pressure than the smaller tires the come standard with other leading brands. They also make for a smoother ride on bumpy terrain.

The 3-piece wheel assemblies make it easy to change tires without special equipment and are equipped standard with hard-wearing tapered roller bearings which offer higher load carrying capacity than ball bearings.

Wheel Kaddy Inside

3 Piece Design & Tapered Roller Bearings


Example of 13×5.00-6


Wheel Kaddy Platform

The Wheel Kaddy’s standing platform is formed from one piece of grade 50 steel, primed and coated with special anti-slip powder coating.

It features a center bridge that provides better foothold when traveling on slopes, and the angled ledge by the heel provides additional foot securement, even if the surface of the platform is wet. If you’re someone with large feet, you’ll notice the difference in stability and support that the long platform and angled ledge provide.

Three Exclusive Arm Assemblies To Choose From

250 Arm Assembly

500 Arm Assembly

360 Arm Assembly

The arm assembly that the Wheel Kaddy uses is exclusive to KAGE Innovation. Durable and long-lasting pivot points, platform pitch adjustment, and travel distance – all of these features and more combined into one compact assembly.

The 360 & 500 series feature unique suspension, offering the smoothest ride possible. The suspension system reduces operator fatigue, and provides more control while driving over rough terrain.

The 360 series swings 360 degrees for backing up without damaging turf or jackknifing against the arm.

All pivot points utilize needle bearing caps, or ball bearings. All models offer pitch adjustment of the operator platform so that it is always level. 

500 Series: The original. Simple, yet packed with features and as durable as they come!


360 Series: The newest release. This model features suspension, longevity, and full 360 degree range of motion.


250 Series: Simple and durable. The economic model that gives you the lowest maintenance sulky ever.


Needle Bearing Pivot Points

All models use needle bearings for critical pivot points so that you enjoy a lifetime of use. These bearings are the same that are used in vehicle and tractor drive-trains – you can rest assured that they are going to outlast those in any other sulky.

Needle Bearing Pivot Points

Platform Pitch Adjustment

All 3 models feature platform adjustment so that you can adjust the pitch (level) of the platform. No longer do you have to ride on a slippery platform that is constantly pitched backwards. Now, with the help of the adjustable platform pitch, the operator can actually feel more securely engaged with the controls of the machine. Pitch Adjustment


Suspension Adjustment (500 & 360 models)

The 500 and 360 models feature suspension unlike any other sulky on the market.

500 Series Cutaway

360 Series Cutaway








Travel Distance Adjustment

All 3 models offer distance adjustment that keeps the operator within a comfortable range of the controls while maneuvering around obstacles.


Distance Adjustment

Quick Release Mounts

The Wheel Kaddy includes any one of the standard mounts. Each mount includes the quick release to attach the arm assembly easily. The model-specific mounts bolt onto the respective machine without the need to drill or weld.

Food for thought: Now because the quick release is so easy, crews can use many different machines sharing only a few Kaddy’s. (For instance, if they carry a spare machine, they can swap the Kaddy from a machine that is disabled.)





Available Standard Mounts







Wheel Kaddy Specifications & Feature Comparisons

Specification Tables (All Series)

Wheel Kaddy 500 Specs

500 Series Wheel Kaddy

Tire Size 13″ (13 x 5.00-6)
Length Adjust (DIM A) Adjustable 20″ to 26″
Platform Height (DIM B) 3″
Tire Width (DIM C) 4 1/2″
Platform Width (DIM D) 26 3/4″
Max. Mount Height (DIM E) 15 3/8″
Min. Mount Height (DIM F) 9 3/8″
Pitch Adjust (DIM G) N/A
Weight (lbs.) 48
Wheel Bearing Type Tapered Roller Bearing
Oscillation Yes
Tire (Tubed/Tubeless) Tubed
360 Degree Pivot N/A
Suspension Yes

360 Series Wheel Kaddy

Tire Size 11″ (11×4.00-4) 10″ Tires (410/350-4)
Length Adjust (DIM A) Adjustable 21″ to 25″ Adjustable 21″ to 25″
Platform Height (DIM B) 2 1/8″ 1 3/4″
Tire Width (DIM C) 3 7/8″ 3 7/8″
Platform Width (DIM D) 26 1/4″ 26 1/4″
Max. Mount Height (DIM E) 14 1/2″ 13 1/2″
Min. Mount Height (DIM F) 13″ 12″
Pitch Adjust (DIM G) Adjustable +/- 3 Degree from level height Adjustable +/- 3 Degree from level height
Weight (lbs.) 48.8 46.8
Wheel Bearing Type Tapered Roller Bearing Tapered Roller Bearing
Oscillation Yes Yes
Tire (Tubed/Tubeless) Tubed Tubed
360 Degree Pivot Yes Yes
Suspension Yes Yes

250 Series Wheel Kaddy

Tire Size 13″ (13 x 5.00-6)
Length Adjust (DIM A) Adjustable 20″ to 26″
Platform Height (DIM B) 3″
Tire Width (DIM C) 4 1/2″
Platform Width (DIM D) 26 3/4″
Max. Mount Height (DIM E) 15 3/8″
Min. Mount Height (DIM F) 9 3/8″
Pitch Adjust (DIM G) N/A
Weight (lbs.) 48
Wheel Bearing Type Tapered Roller Bearing
Oscillation Yes
Tire (Tubed/Tubeless) Tubed
360 Degree Pivot N/A
Suspension N/A



Feature Comparisons (All Series)

Feature Comparisons

Features 250 Series 360 Series 500 Series
Quick Release
Universal Joint Pivots
Platform Level / Pitch Adjustment
HD Platform
Soft-Ride Suspension  
Trailer-style Tapored RollerWheel Bearings
3-Piece Wheel (Quick Tire Change)
Maximum Tire Size 13″ 10″ 13″
360 Degree Pivot Action    

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