Picking The Secret Lock To Success: Before Skid Steer Plows

Success Before Skid Steer Plows
These short stories will be an interesting look into a fictional snow removal company. Many of the experiences, problems, solutions, and headaches were real. Let’s cut the fat, snow removal can be a disaster. Couple no sleep, breakdowns, tempers, and hasty decisions with customers that expect real performance and you’ve got a real volatile business. One not for the faint of heart.

Angle Plow Skid Steer For Heavy Duty Applications

Skid Steer Snow Angle Plow System - Blade Attack Angle
This story is fundamentally true, and happened to us when we just started snow plowing with skid steers. The following story resulted because we had the local fab shop make some skid steer snow plows for us from some brand new ‘pickup truck’ V blades. Being that there weren’t any good solutions for heavy duty skid steer plows yet, this was the next best thing.

3 Snow Plowing Tips to Avoid Accidents At the Job Site

Attention Skid Steer Snow Plow Operators

We’re a company that builds its products through experience and one thing you can count on in the snow removal industry is accidents. Hazards lie everywhere when snow falls, but as professional skid steer Snow Plow Operators are concerned, many of those hazards can be avoided with proper training and preparation.

Why Are You Still Using a Truck Plow?

Kage Snow Removal EquipmentIf you’re using a truck snow plow for commercial snow removal, you’ve either A) never known anything better to use, or B) are okay with habitually doing things the hard way. The other day I was sitting in my hotel room in Duluth, MN preparing my video equipment for a day-long video shoot with a property manager that uses KAGE skid steer snow plows and a tractor snow plow handling snow removal for their three multi-unit apartment complexes.