Skid Steer Snow Blade Upgrades

Good morning Snow fighters, and happy Friday to all of you. Jason and I are out here at Bobcat of Duluth! Of course we have the famous KAGE show trailer here with us today, and we’re going to kick the morning off by talking to you guys about the product enhancements that have happened to the KAGE blade over the years. We’re going to start out by Jason teaching us about the hose relocation bracket system that we made a couple of years ago.

Nitro Rod Upgraded Hydraulic Cylinder Rods

No More Pitting Cylinder Rods

Today in the “KAGE Snow Plow System Upgrades” series, I want to talk to you about the cylinder rods on our SnowFire series blade. We’re always trying to improve our products, make them better for you guys, get our users home early. Or on the other hand, to be making more money, because you can get more work done. What’s worse than having to maintain your gear, and cutting into your productivity. If you cut into your productivity, you cut into your profits.

SnowFire Snow Plow Safety Enhancements

Say Goodbye to Slipping and Sliding off of Your Plow

Hey It’s Mike with KAGE Innovation! Today we’re going to talk about one more of those little nitpicky enhancements that we do to our products. Focusing on the SnowFire blade today, this enhancement that we’re going to talk about is all about the safety of the user. It has to do with climbing in and out of your machine, which you know none of us like to do.

Skidsteer Snow Plow Attachment Upgrade

Hey snowfighters! Today at the KAGE facility we’re going to talk about some of the improvements that we’ve made to the snow blade, the KAGE blade over the years. This is a series that we’ve been talking about, we’ve already gone over the SnowKAGE and some of the improvements and enhancements that we’ve made to the design of the SnowFire system. for skid steers, Compact wheel loaders, compact tractors ecetera.  In this episode today, we’re going to show you one of the improvements that we made to the pivot frame, the attachment area where it attaches to the machine.

Snow Plow Pivot Frame Attachment Enhancements

Say Goodbye to Damaging Your Pins

Hello to all you Snow Fighters out there! Today we’re going to have a continuation of our product enhancements that have already happened. We’re going to continue our “Snow Plow System Upgrades” Series today on critical improvements that’ve been implemented over the past several years. Today we’re going to move on to the blade itself. In this video, we’ll show you the upgrades we made to the pivot frame, in particular to the pin hole covers.