Innovative Skidsteer Snow Plow Attachments

Innovative skidsteer snow plow attachments

If your company provides snow removal services for residential or commercial properties, you likely have tried all sorts of snow plow systems both attached to your trucks as well as to heavy equipment like a skidsteer. If you still haven’t found that perfect tool to quickly and efficiently clear and stack snow on any property that you own or manage, it’s time to look into the SNOWFIRE Skidsteer Snow Plow from KAGE Innovation.

Our patented all in one solution gives your team the advantages of both a snow plow and a pusher box allowing you to switch between the snow plow and pusher box in seconds, without ever leaving the cab.

Snow Plow Pivot Frame Attachment Enhancements

Say Goodbye to Damaging Your Pins

Hello to all you Snow Fighters out there! Today we’re going to have a continuation of our product enhancements that have already happened. We’re going to continue our “Snow Plow System Upgrades” Series today on critical improvements that’ve been implemented over the past several years. Today we’re going to move on to the blade itself. In this video, we’ll show you the upgrades we made to the pivot frame, in particular to the pin hole covers.

KAGE Snow Plow System for Skid Steers – Snow Pusher Box Upgrade

Skid Steer Snow PusherThe KAGE Snow Plow System was designed to withstand the rigors of everyday abuse on the job site plowing snow with a skid steer. As we grow as a company, our dedication to delivering the best snow plow system is paramount. Thanks to the feedback of our dealers and consumers, we’re taking it upon ourselves to address any potential defects or design flaws that arise from the use of our products.