The KAGE Snow Plow System was designed to withstand the rigors of everyday abuse on the job site plowing snow with a skid steer. As we grow as a company, our dedication to delivering the best snow plow system is paramount. Thanks to the feedback of our dealers and consumers, we’re taking it upon ourselves to address any potential defects or design flaws that arise from the use of our products.

The Toughest Snow Pusher on the Planet Just Got Tougher

Skid Steer Snow Pusher BoxHello to all you Snow Fighters out there! We’re at the KAGE facility. It’s quitting time on Good Friday and everybody’s getting ready to pack up. We’re going to continue our “KAGE Snow Plow System Upgrades” Series today on critical improvements that’ve been implemented over the years and who better to tell you all about the improvements of the KAGE Snow Plow System than the inventor himself.

In the video, we’ll take you outside and show you an improvement that we’ve made to the SnowKage assembly since 2017. Last time we talked about the SnowKage assembly and covered the elevation of the skid height and the Snow Catch Angle Bracket that we’ve improved.

In this episode, we’re going to go over how the hook and vertical brace was improved. A couple of years ago we used to weld the vertical support tube that was originally a formed piece and it was made from an inch and a half quarter-wall tubing. It was then welded in place to the hook itself as well as the SnowKage frame.

SnowKage Hook Brace UpgradeSnowKage-hook-brace

Including all of the KAGE Snow Plow models made in 2017 and going forward, we had this assembly simply plasma cut as one part with the vertical brace and hook cut out of a one and a one-half inch thick solid sheet of steel. We made this change because we’re were getting a small crack that would develop on the weld between the old-style hook and the vertical tube brace where it was welded.

This is a very pivotal piece in the overall performance of the KAGE Snow Plow System. Now it will all be one solid piece. We took the necessary steps to ensure that you’ll never have that issue anymore. Well, that’s it for today’s SnowKage improvements. Follow us on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook for more update announcements in the future.

Mike Stephan – Founder & President of KAGE Innovation

When Plowing Snow Is Job One – Choose KAGE to Get Your Crew Through the Storm

Since cutting your snow removal rate isn’t the way to thrive in the snow removal business, you know the only way is to work faster and more efficiently than your competitors. KAGE Innovation is continually testing new ideas both at our facility in Osceola, WI and across the country with designated snow removal experts that were told “Don’t hold back, test it to its limits.”

Skid Steer Snow Pusher

Choose to go with our KAGE Snow Plow System attachments for your Skid Steer – the most reliable brand in the snow removal business. They’re the toughest on the market and your crew will actually enjoy using it at the job site. Cut your time on the job site and increase your profits today! Call your local KAGE dealer or you can contact KAGE direct if there’s not one in your area. To Get the latest updates on our snow plow systems keep coming back to our blog or follow us on  Facebook, Twitter or Instagram