“Classic Scenario, you’ve always had the horsepower but never the traction!

Now you can have both!

With the heavy duty Kage Klawz, you will be able to tear through any terrain; snow, ice or even dirt! The Kage snow tires will maximize your snow plowing and pushing capabilities. There is so much bite in the tread, it can literally bog down your machine! With these tires, Kage has solved the problem of low traction by offering a full steel radial snow tire that allows you to maximize the efficiency of your machine. Radial tires allow the machine to transfer more power to the ground, better traction, longer wear life, and higher weight capacity.

Thanks to the flexibility and strength of the tire, the tire absorbs shocks, impacts, and bumps.  The result; a better and more comfortable ride. You will find that your machine will both start and stop much quicker in the different terrain as well, allowing you to be faster and more efficient in the snow removal industry. The tire and tread itself is the best of the best when it comes to putting rubber on the road.

With the Michelin Gripper Tread on a heavy duty, lifetime rim, it will be sure to last you between 4-6 seasons; and after the tread wears out, you can bring it to any tire dealer and have them re-capped! Its that simple! You will easily find this investment to be well worth it and make your money back within the first 3 events! These tires offer more pounds per inch and clearance, again, getting you through the toughest of snow conditions.

Kage Snow Tire Kit

We also offer the Kage Snow Tire Kit! What is a Snow Tire Kit?  A snow tire kit is the tire and rim for all four corners of the machine. The tire has a gripper tread with a wavy pattern and open edges.  This allows more weight per square inch which means more weight on the rubber.  The rim is a heavy duty rim with a full steel plate completely welded around the entire rim.

This rim could very well be the last rim you will ever need to purchase for your snow tires. Most popular skid steer models utilize our standard 245 or 255 snow tire kits.  However, if you have a special application that requires maximum traction, give us a call!  We have the capability to build any rim for any machine and put snow tires on it.

Please call 844-314-Kage or email at info@kageinnovation.com for more info!