Pivot Frame & King Pin The Kage Advantage #7

In this video and article, you will see the importance of Kage’s unique pivot frame and king pin. These two features are the critical link between the machine and moldboard of the plow! Not every snow plow has a pivot frame or king pin. Many snow plows use the common, “A” frame technology, which is coupled to the moldboard with a small clevis pin. This “A” frame design, when affixed to the front of a skidsteer, presents many problems; sloppiness in and around the king pin area, breakage of the clevis pins, and wear and tear on the ends of your cylinders, to name a few. Kage Innovation designs and manufactures these two critical components of the plow, based on our field experience. We know the demands that you, the operator, put on our equipment!

Rubber Snow Plow Cutting Edge vs. High Carbon Steel & Polyurethane Cutting Edges

In this article, we will go over the importance of Kage’s cutting edge. This feature is much more efficient than a rubber cutting edge, however in some cases one may not be able to use steel so Kage offers a polyurethane option; this is more durable and and effective than a rubber cutting edge. When you’re scraping thick, heavy and solid ice from a street or driveway, you need something that will scrape it off in one pass