Snow Pushers For Wheel Loader or Tractor? Which one to use?

snowstorm-landing-pic-1500x650_1When you start bidding large commercial snow removal contracts, you realize that smaller equipment such as skid steers or trucks will simply not do the job. Time is everything in snow removal, and you need to move massive piles of snow quickly. This takes weight and horsepower. So your question is what makes the most sense for me to use? How do I get more weight and horsepower at a price that makes me competitive? Often times the question comes down to two different types of heavy duty equipment: Articulated Wheel Loaders or Agricultural Tractors. In our next two articles, we will explain the different benefits that each type of equipment has, and some of the possible drawbacks for each.

Snow Plowing With Wheels Vs. Tracks On Skid Steers

Skid Steer With Kage Skid Steer WIth Kage SystemSnow pushers mounted to skid steers often push the limits of the skid steers’ traction when trying to push wet, heavy snow. Many contractors have asked “do you prefer tracks or tires”. Well, to answer that question there are several more that should be answered first. Finally, you can feel confident that you are doing the right thing, and not “spinning your wheels”!

Snow Pusher That Can Backdrag

Basic snow pushers usually lack the ability to backdrag snow away from garage doors, loading docks etc. The patented Kage System allows you to backdrag just as you would with a straight blade angle plow. Get as close to the obstacle as you feel comfortable with, drop the blade and back up. Have long runs to backdrag? No sweat, you can even angle the blade as you drive in reverse to direct the inevitable spillage to one side. In previous articles we have addressed some important design features of a snow pusher. Previous articles covered: “Snow Pusher That Angles”, a “Snow Pusher That Trips”, a “Snow Pusher That Oscillates”, and a “Snow Pusher That Scrapes”. In this article we will talk about why a snow pusher needs to be able to backdrag.

Snow Pushers That Scrape: Key Features For Snow Removal Professionals

Snow pushers are widely used as the ‘implement of choice’ by the snow removal professional today. There are many varieties of snow pushers on the market today, and Kage Innovation has created the ultimate snow removal tool. The Kage Snow Plow Box System combines the straight blade angle plow, with the snow pusher, into one incredibly efficient tool. Not only can you turn the angle plow into a snow pusher without ever leaving the cab of your machine, but we have designed this ‘snow pusher’ with 5 other important features necessary when doing snow removal. In previous articles we have covered the “snow pusher that angles”, “snow pusher that trips”, and “snow pusher that oscillates”. In this article we will explain why it is so important that a snow pusher can scrape, and how the Kage System does that so well.

Snow Pusher Key Features: Snow Pusher That Oscillates

oscillationOscillation is commonly known as the ability of the plow or pusher to ‘float’ side to side as it follows contours in the pavement. As you are doing your normal plowing, you are inevitably going to encounter un-even surfaces, and this is where the oscillation becomes necessary. In a previous blog, we mentioned how important it is that your containment box cleans the surface. Oscillation – the ability to follow contours – is a significant feature allowing your snow pusher to clean to the best of its ability.