Plowing Efficiently With A Snow Pusher – Why Kage Takes The Upper Hand

Over the last several months, we have gone over the many different unique features of the Kage system. Proving how they work and how they are beneficial to the contractor and end user. There are still a few advantages left that we have to go over but those will be in the weeks coming, every Friday. Here is what we have gone over so far…

Veterans Day – Plowing Vets Organization

Plowing Vets is a mission to give back to those who protect our communities – whether serving as military, law enforcement, EMS, or firefighter, They provide free snow removal for residential driveways or veteran owned small businesses in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area. Nate Chapman is a proud veteran and family man from St. Cloud Minnesota. Through many years of deployments in direct support of the war on terror, my family has received tremendous support from our local community of veterans and law enforcement – and it is a personal goal of mine to give back to the community that has been there so much for my family.

The Best Back Drag Snow Plow For Your Tractor

The Kage Shadow blade was designed to increase the efficiency of the snow removal contractor. The Shadow Blade is a wing plow that can change direction (go out on either side of the vehicle). Combining this new versatility of a wing plow with the front blade, an...

The Advantages of Kage Skid Steer Hydraulic Hoses

Kage Innovation is all about finding a better way in the snow removal industry so that when you are hard at work in the coldest, and wettest weather, you can still love your job and know that it matters! That is why we have specially designed our hydraulic hoses and made “adjustable” retainers for the hoses. This was so that no matter what machine you are putting the Kage plow on, you can have enough slack in the line so the hoses don’t become stretched and break. Kage has designed a pivot frame and mounting plate with 3 different places to mount a retainer for your hoses