Say Goodbye to Damaging Your Pins

Hello to all you Snow Fighters out there! Today we’re going to have a continuation of our product enhancements that have already happened. We’re going to continue our “Snow Plow System Upgrades” Series today on critical improvements that’ve been implemented over the past several years. Today we’re going to move on to the blade itself. In this video, we’ll show you the upgrades we made to the pivot frame, in particular to the pin hole covers.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about the upgrades that we implemented on the KAGE snow plow system.

A couple years into our manufacturing of the KAGE snow plow, we started to have some issues where the half inch thick steel would tear out. It was also becoming very evident to us that KAGE plow users were lurching up onto curbs, then going backwards off of the curb with the boom mechanism all the way down. Your pins would drag and scrape on that curb, sometimes even damaging the curb in the process. What we came up with is a way to help increase the rigidity of this plate.

KAGE Snow Plow Pinhole Upgrade

The upgrades we made to the plow system were meant to strengthen it in the center. This is where the systems takes most of it’s abuse while on the job. There’s a piece of 4”x 6” metal tubing that goes all the way to your center pin. There was an amount of flex going on in this area, as well as occasional cracking. This plate not only prevents this plate from becoming bowed and cracked in the center, but it also enhances your pinholes strength here and even protects your pins from dragging on the curbs.

Now with this upgrade you won’t see any pins hanging down, that can risk being damaged, or damaging the surface underneath. When the pin is engaged, it does not hang down and expose itself anymore. That was one of the most critical improvements that we’ve made to the pivot frame attachment on the plow. This vital improvement was implemented to this machine about six or seven years ago. This is a very important upgrade, and we’ve continued to roll that into the new models. We hope you enjoy this first KAGE improvement video of our front loader and skid steer snow plow attachments.

Mike Stephan – Founder & President of KAGE Innovation
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