Hey snowfighters! Today at the KAGE facility we’re going to talk about some of the improvements that we’ve made to the snow blade, the KAGE blade over the years. This is a series that we’ve been talking about, we’ve already gone over the SnowKAGE and some of the improvements and enhancements that we’ve made to the design of the SnowFire system. for skid steers, Compact wheel loaders, compact tractors ecetera.  In this episode today, we’re going to show you one of the improvements that we made to the pivot frame, the attachment area where it attaches to the machine. So I have a KAGE system here, an 8 foot SnowFire unit. No matter the size this is an improvement that’s been made to the 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 foot SnowFire systems.

Skidsteer Snow Plow Attachment Upgrade

The top bar attachment on the machine is where a lot of the stress gets put. You’re driving, and you’re putting pressure down on the pins. As soon as you start to lift snow, stack it up, or when the trip edge trips – you’re creating a lot of force that transfers right back into the top bar along the attachment plate.

To start with this is always been half inch thick cold rolled steel up here on the top. Other manufacturer’s standard is around 3/8”, a lot of the time. But not KAGE, ½” thick. This improvement we made around 2012 probably. This has been in production for quite some time already. These diamond gussets are 3/8”thick steel that fit snug in between the attachment plate, and the top bar. Then welded all around solid. These are placed in line with your lower arms right where those cylinders would be pulling back on that skid loader. Right where the loader arms come right in line with.  Real solid improvement.

The Most Durable Snow Plow System Just Got Better

Before this was done, we were having some defamation of this top bar even with being half inch thick and being welded in 3’ and 6’ inch pattern here. Double pass welds were still kind of deforming around this area and kind of bending out and sometimes would even tear right off. So you can imagine the force that these snowplow guys are putting on there. A wonderful improvement, we have not had any issues since that I know of. If you have had this issue since, please let us know.

Again KAGE is all about improvement and we don’t shy away from making improvements to our product, and acknowledging that things aren’t always perfect. So let us know if you had any issues or any feedback around that improvement or any other improvement ideas that you guys might have. KAGE is here for you. It’s what we do. We’re open to hear those ideas. All right. See you later.

Mike Stephan – Founder & President of KAGE Innovation
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