No More Pitting Cylinder Rods

Hey snow fighters! It’s Mike with KAGE Innovation here. Today in the “KAGE Snow Plow System Upgrades” series, I want to talk to you about the cylinder rods on our SnowFire series blade.

This video is part of a series where we’re talking about all the enhancements that have been made over the years to the design of our products. We’re always trying to improve our products, make them better for you guys, get our users home early. Or on the other hand, to be making more money, because you can get more work done. What’s worse than having to maintain your gear, and cutting into your productivity. If you cut into your productivity, you cut into your profits. So we’re always trying to improve our product to make your lives better.

KAGE SnowFire Nitro Rod Upgrade

Today we’re going to talk about the cylinders on the SnowFire series blade. These used to be made of chrome plated rods. The problem we were having with chrome, is that it’s just chrome plating, and pitting can occur over time. The most cost effective solution that we’ve found to this problem is called a nitro rod. The nitro ride is a heat treated process to the rod that makes it extremely hard and durable. Contaminants can’t get into the pores of the material, whereas on chrome that was apparent with the pitting. If you were to bend one of these rods, it will not bend, it will break. The nitro rods are virtually indestructible.

This is what we’re using now on our SnowFire systems, and we’ve have had very much success with preventing corrosion and bending. Thanks for watching this improvement video. As always, if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to comment below. Our ears are always wide open here at KAGE for ideas that you guys have, to help make our products make your lives easier.