Good morning Snow fighters, and happy Friday to all of you. Jason and I are out here at Bobcat of Duluth! Of course we have the famous KAGE show trailer here with us today, and we’re going to kick the morning off by talking to you guys about the product enhancements that have happened to the KAGE blade over the years. We’re going to start out by Jason teaching us about the hose relocation bracket system that we made a couple of years ago.

Bobcat Snowplow Blade Upgrade

You can see on the bobcat machine, where the coupler’s hook up, they are extremely close to the attachment point. This created a kind of dilemma, with the hoses being so far forward. A lot of the attachments had to get kind of a relocation to where the hoses were tied off at. Otherwise they would get tangled up in a tire or pinched in the in the articulation of the implement. Jason here is going to tell us a little bit more about this upgrade.

Skidsteer Snow Plow Upgrades

We implemented a clamp hook up here for the bobcats in particular, we also placed one down low for the single arm JCB units we have here! Nobody wants to get their hoses caught up. No one wants to drive over one, and get their hose too tight and pull everything out of your machine and do damage.

Skid Steer Snow Blade Attachment Upgrade

(Mike): We’ve had quite a few customers get their brand new KAGE Snowfire Snow Plow System , and you know if those hoses aren’t adjusted just right, it will pull them right out! You get all excited, and it’s pretty demotivating when you pull your hoses out for the first time. That’s why we made these multiple tieback points. Customize it for your machine, get it dialed in just right. No more getting wound up in the tire, no more pinching hoses.

Thanks for watching. We’ll be back with some more product enhancements that have happened for y’all. Until then have a good day!

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Mike Stephan – Founder & President of KAGE Innovation
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