Plow Attachment Plate & Pivot Frame Tread Pad Upgrades

Attachment Plate Traction Enhancement

Hey It’s Mike with KAGE Innovation! Today we’re going to talk about one more of those little nit-picky enhancements that we do to our products. Focusing on the SnowFire blade today, this enhancement that we’re going to talk about is all about the safety of the user. It has to do with climbing in and out of your machine, which you know none of us like to do. But when you’ve got to do it, you’ve got to do it safely. You don’t want to be slipping and sliding across the asphalt, or banging your knee on the attachment plate! We have these little raised pieces that are laser cut out of this attachment plate for grip and for safety. These give you a foothold when you’re climbing into your skid steer.

KAGE SnowFire Tread Strip Upgrade

The second design feature that we’re going to talk about today, we changed around 2014. We added this tread strip to the pivot frame. This tread strip is placed right on the top of the extension tube on the Pivot frame. So as you’re stepping down from your machine, it’s natural to place your foot there during your transition into the cab.

This is driven by experience. When I was out plowing, and go to hop out I would slip on the powder coat all the time. If you get a little snow on the powder coat, it’s very easy to slide right off of it. I got sick of banging my knees, and banging my head on the window to get into the skid steer. You can buy these tread pads separately as well. They serve as a nice add on to freshen up the look of your plow too. Well worth it for a couple bucks, and we ship right to you.