Snow Blade Skidsteer

Are you already dreading late nights behind the wheel of a truck snow plow this winter? If so, it’s time to upgrade your snow removal equipment. If you have a skid steer laying around your equipment yard, you’re in luck! KAGE Innovation offers a skidsteer snow blade that allows you to easily push and stack snow without ever leaving the cab of your machine. Skidsteers are much more efficient for snow removal compared to truck snow plows

Snow Plow Manufacturers | Skid Steer Plow

Snow Plow ManufacturersWhile spring is here in full force, it’s never too early to think about snow removal! At KAGE Innovation, we live and breathe snow removal year round, and if you’re dreading heading into winter without a real plan on how you’re going to serve your customers or residents, now’s the time to learn more about our revolutionary snow plow products.

Snow Plow Trip Edge Spring Tension Adjustment

Today, were going to do a tutorial on adjusting your SnowStorm snow plow trip edge spring tension. So, for those of you that own KAGE® Snowstorm 12- to 14-foot snow plows, this blog and video are for you. We designed this snow plow for Wheel Loaders, Tractors and other large commercial equipment applications.

Snow Plow Box | Snow KAGE Pusher Box

We’re putting together a series of videos for all you snow fighters out there that talk about the latest advancements with our KAGE® Snowfire and Snowstorm Series Snow Plows. The upgrades are subtle and not always visible to the untrained eye, but they’re important snow plow features that significantly improve our already great line of snow plow systems. For this blog post, we’re going to talk specifically about KAGE® Snow Kage Box itself.