In this video, you will get to see what the Kage Shadow Blade full set up and learn the best way to plow with it.

What is a Rear Tractor Plow a.k.a.  The Shadow Blade?

The Kage Shadow blade was designed to increase the efficiency for the snow removal contractor. The Shadow Blade is a wing plow that can change direction (go out on either side of the machine). Combining this new versatility of a wing plow with the front blade, an operator is sure to find an increase in plowing width and effectiveness in passes. Use the Shadow Blade to not only increase the swath width of the front plow, but also to counteract the crab walk effect when you are plowing heavy snow to one side. The Shadow Blade may also be used for bench-winging and plowing back banks of snow that lie along the curb and in ditches.

Save 50% of Your Time Plowing With A Tractor

This system is like no other. With full reverse, pivot, oscillation, and maneuverability, this will cover all the ins and outs of the roads you plow. The Shadow Blade is sure to get the job done, and fast. With a simple movement of your thumb, you can deploy the Shadow Blade on either side, increasing your plowing width by up to 50%! There is even an option to add a wing extension at the end of the blade, which helps in containing the snow being plowed, rather than simply windrowing it. Then, when the operator desires to angle the snow to the other side, another flip of the thumb and the operator is able to change the direction. Now say, you are plowing along but you no longer need the extra width; simply put that Shadow Blade in its stowed and folded transport position where it is completely out of the way! Amazingly, this versatile piece of equipment mounts right on the 3-point hitch on your tractor making it very easy to hook up and unhook when needed!

Rear Tractor Plow Specifications

  • 1 Rear Auxiliary with constant flow detent
  • Cat II 3 point hitch (most common)
  • Recommended tractor weight no less than
    9,500 LBS
  • Weight KMX9 (Standard Assembly) – 1,620 lbs
  • Weight Optional 17 Degree Wing Extension – 102 lbs
  • Weight Optional Straight Wing Extension – 102 lbs
  • Operating Voltage – 12VDC
  • Operating Current – <20 amp
  • Optional Laser Beam Classification – IIIR
  • Moldboard Height – 33 in