Snow Plow Products Manufacturer

Hey all you Snow Fighters out there! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning after our routine workout and my wife and I decided we wanted to take you on a quick tour of our snow plow manufacturing facility. Since it’s a Saturday, the shop won’t be as busy as it is during the week, but you’ll get to see some of the latest advancements KAGE has made since the turn of the year and not having some of the chaos like you’d see during the week will be good for this little tour.

Installing Your New Snow Plow Back Drag Kit

In the professional snow removal business, contractors are always looking to gain an edge. The question that we usually ask ourselves is, “What new innovative product is going to make that contractor’s job a little easier, a little faster or both? Today, I’m going to talk about the latest product from KAGE Innovation – The NEW Back Drag Kit. Not only will you see what it can do to improve your snow plow’s performance, but also how easy it is to install.

The Benefits of Becoming a KAGE Snow Plow Dealer

Hello Everyone, I’m Kanon Kulpa, marketing manager for KAGE Innovation. Today, I want to talk directly to those who are interested in becoming a KAGE Snow Plow Dealer. In this age of advanced snow removal products, dealers still want a manufacturing partner that delivers a rock-solid product and premium dealer support that encourages their customers to come back to their store.