Hello Everyone, I’m Kanon Kulpa, marketing manager for KAGE Innovation. Today, I want to talk directly to those who are interested in becoming a KAGE Snow Plow Dealer. In this age of advanced snow removal products, dealers still want a manufacturing partner that delivers a rock-solid product and premium dealer support that encourages their customers to come back to their store.

With KAGE, dealers can expect our team of experienced representatives to offer full training and support for your entire staff.

You might be asking yourself, why are we looking for new snow plow dealers?

Well, we’ve recently moved into a newer, larger facility that’s equipped to produce way more product in a shorter period. We need new dealers to help facilitate product sales with our higher rate of production. We’ve got more welding bays and a brand new, high-efficiency sand blast enclosure that cuts down our production time by 40% compared to our previous facility. And we have a bigger storage area to house parts for production – and a larger stock of replacement parts for our dealer’s and their customers. Become a KAGE Snow Plow Dealer 2018 Video

Another reason why we’re looking for new dealers is simple – the popularity of our products and our brand are growing.

We’ve identified areas around the United States and Canada where we need dealers who are willing to facilitate these areas and grow with us.

We’ve been manufacturing commercial grade snow plow systems for the last ten years. And in that last ten years we’ve continued to hit every sales goal we’ve set for ourselves.

I don’t want to bore you with details, but let me tell you how we did that and plan to continue expanding for years to come. When you choose to partner with KAGE Innovation you can expect:

  • Premium Contractor-Grade Products. Our patented 2-in-1 snow plow system is engineered to maximize efficiency on the job site.
  • You can expect the full support of our sales and marketing team
  • Experience the core values that have helped us build long-lasting partnerships with all of our current dealers
  • You’ll get to sell cutting edge products that are designed and manufactured from actual “In-The-Field” experience
  • And you can also expect quick turnaround on dealer orders – all thanks to our advanced inventory tracking and delivery systems.

We can ship multiple-unit and single-unit orders within 48 hours thanks to our direct line phone policy. No answering machines here. Every call will be answered by one of our available representatives Monday through Friday.

Snow Plow Dealer Open Houses and Up-to-Date Product Releases

If you’re planning an open house, members of our expert staff will deliver our show trailer right to your store to bring greater awareness to your event.

Want your sales staff to be completely comfortable selling our products? At your convenience, we’ll arrange to have one of our representatives come to your store to educate your sales staff on the many features of our products.

We’ll even share the latest product updates immediately upon release, so your sales staff can confidently educate your customers on what’s new.

KAGE is LEADING the industry in innovative product development. Follow us as we continue to change the landscape in product design. If you’re interested in becoming a KAGE dealer, visit our website at KAGEINNOVATION.com

Again, I’m Kanon Kulpa. Thank you for KAGE Innovation!