As the battle between man and the frozen tundra presses on, man strategizes to attain victory. He invented new strategies, but he was not labeled the conqueror of pretreating and ice management. Until now… Ice warriors have adopted a new way to manage ice more professionally and efficiently. They have adopted the liquid application to defeat the snow and ice buildup on their parking lots, sidewalks, and roadways. Ice champions have decided to use liquids as their ice solution for several reasons. Liquids conquer because they have better coverage, are economical, and are more environmentally friendly.

Liquid Has Better Coverage

Precise and Even Application

Liquid ensures that the target area will be reached and with KAGE’s LiquidRage, you have flexibility with how much ground you are covering at a time. Using a liquid ensures that the anti-icing substance will reach the target area and stay there, unlike salt. Liquid is more target-focused and more reliable because it cannot bounce off. Using a liquid also ensures that the target area will be covered evenly and efficiently. An operator also has the ability to reach more precise ground with the hose reel on the LiquidRage.

The New Cooking Spray

One of the benefits of liquid application is that it creates a non-stick surface. Liquid applications create a non-stick layer on the pavement – as cooking spray would do to a frying pan. This prevents snow from bonding to the pavement and delays accumulation. Much like a pan sprayed with cooking spray is easier to clean, the same goes for plowing. When applying liquid anti-ice solution to the ground it makes it easier to plow. This ultimately saves time and money.

Liquid is Long Lasting

Another property of a liquid that makes for better coverage is that it cannot be scraped off. When plowing, the operator does not have to worry about the liquid getting plowed away, as salt would. Liquid de-icing also has a longer residual effect. In other words, it lasts longer and will work through multiple snow events unless it is washed away.

Liquid is Economical

Cost Effective

Ice and snow fighters are always seeking a faster and more efficient way to get the job done. It is estimated that using brine requires only 30% of the volume needed for salt. Therefore, you can get the same job done with 70% less agent than you are currently using.

Liquids are also faster and more efficient, which saves on labor costs. Additionally, liquids are more cost effective because they reduce the amount of salt needed to be applied. Liquids save money on materials and labor costs.

Liquid Works Faster

When using liquid brine, the de-icing and anti-icing process starts working instantly. Salt stops working at 10-15 degrees F, and it takes 20 minutes for it to start working at 25 degrees F. The liquid application is crucial to places that have a zero-snow tolerance, such as a hospital, or runway. Liquid anti-icing pretreatment is preactivated and ready to go. Calcium-chloride also has an extremely low freezing point. When it is mixed at 29.92%, it freezes at -52 degrees F, making it very reliable.

Easy To Use

Using an anti-icing liquid makes the snow fighters job simple. It is easier to pump liquid than it is to scoop heavy dry salt multiple times throughout an operators shift. Not to mention that less salt is needed to do the same job.

If you equip the LiquidRage sprayer with KAGE’s brine mixer the operator has an easy job. All they must do is lift the bag into the brine mixer bin where the teeth will rip it open and turn on the hydraulics. This creates the perfect ratio with an easy-to-follow chart to ensure you are ready to go!

Liquid Has a Better Impact

Better for the Environment

Another benefit for ice champions is the impact that liquid has on its environment. Because less salt is required overall, it has less effect on its’ surroundings, which is better for, turf, soil, ground water, and wildlife. Liquid will also stay on the target area and not bounce off into unwanted areas, resulting in less waste.


The fact that liquids do not require as much salt as the dry application would need reduces corrosion. Anti-icing liquids are also mixed with rust prevention solutions, which protect vehicles and buildings from corrosion. Liquids also nearly eliminate slat tracking into buildings, which can lead to corrosion within the building. They also do not build up on the sides of buildings which can cause corrosion and rust there as well.

Liquids are taking over the winter pretreating industry because they have better coverage, are economical, and have a better impact. Ice champions use them to get a grip on snow and ice management. To learn more about KAGE’s LiquidRage Sprayer visit our website our check out our YouTube channel. You can contact us on our website or call our office at 1-844-314-KAGE(5243).