You Got Your AdvantEdge Flex Steel Cutting Edge System, Now What?

The AdvantEdge Flex Steel Snow Plow Cutting Edge System is a brand new ‘universal’ cutting edge system that bridges the gap between your common snow plows and pushers, and the expensive specialized section plows.

Hardox® Cutting Edges and Cutting Edges in 18″ and 24″ Lengths

Why Hardox?

Each 18″ or 24″ cutting edge section is milled from the proprietary Hardox wear-plate, common to the mining industry for abrasion resistance and strength. Compared to carbide cutting edges, Hardox is not as brittle, and does not require any additional backing plates. Hardox steel is more wear resistant than AR. In fact, the 5/8” thick AdvantEdge blades will outlast AR 2:1, and your standard 1084 High Carbon edges 4:1.

Why 18″ and 24″ Lengths?

Not only are the 18″ and 24″ length cutting edge sections easier to carry, assemble, and ship, the very nature of the AdvantEdge reduces premature wear of your cutting edges because of the even pressure across the entire edge. The edge is instantly contouring to every surface, and each section adjusting so that the plow is not grinding away on peaks, and wearing the center or edges faster than the rest.

Universal Adapter to Attach to Most Any Plow

Until now, sectional plows and cutting edges have only been available on a few brands of plows. The AdvantEdge makes it possible to harness sectional cutting edge technology on almost any plow or pusher available on the market today!

Slide Bars That Allow Cutting Edge to Move Independently

Hardened Slide Blocks to Hold the Slide Bar in Place

All of the sliding components of the AdvantEdge are milled out of 1045 steel and case hardened for abrasion, corrosion, and lubricity.


Compression Springs

This patent pending design gives you the flexibility to adjust the pressure on each section, so that whatever the weight of the plow, you can obtain just the right amount of preload. Each section of the AdvantEdge is equipped with multiple 120 lb/inch die springs. You will use a simple calculation to determine just the right quantity of springs for your particular plow weight and width. Below is an example of the calculation for a plow what weighs 3,089 lbs.

14′ Plow weight 3089 lbs / 128.7 = 24 Springs
24 total springs / 8 cutting edges = 3 springs per cutting edge

How to Assemble Your New AdvantEdge Snow Plow Cutting Edge System

Note: On a plow with a split trip edge, it is important not to overlap the split in the middle with the AdvantEdge backing plate.

Each one of the segments will take three to five compression spring depending on the weight of the plow to ensure that there is proper preload for each cutting edges. We don’t want them too stiff otherwise the edges won’t ride up on the crowns or fall into the dips as it should.

After the universal adapter, slide bars, slide blocks, and compression springs are assembled, you can then cover it all up with the cutting edges.

The AdvantEdge is the new flex steel cutting edge assembly for plows and pushers of all sizes. Harness this new floating sectional cutting edge featuring universal mounting capability to most any snowplow or snow pusher out there. Upgrade your old plows and pushers with the latest technology in flex steel cutting edges, without the need to invest in a whole new plow!

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