Skid loaders, also known as skid-steer loaders, are versatile machines used for a variety of tasks, such as lifting, hauling, and excavating. They are also used for leveling roads, driveways, dirt, and soil. The fastest and easiest way skid loader operators do this is with a leveler, or in other words, a land plane. They oftentimes choose to use a land plane with rippers because they dig up the ground easier.

What is a Land Plane with Rippers?

kage greater bar land plane with ripper teeth skid steer attachment

A land plane with rippers is a heavy equipment attachment used for landscaping and construction. It is similar to a standard land plane or box scraper, but includes additional ripper teeth that are designed to break up tough or compacted soil.

Rippers are long, pointed teeth that are attached to the bottom of the land plane, typically behind the main cutting edge or blade. The rippers are designed to penetrate the soil and break up any hard or compacted areas, making it easier to level and grade the surface.

Land planes with teeth are commonly used for tasks such as preparing building sites, creating drainage channels, and leveling large areas of land.  They are also used to create landscape features, fix ruts or washboards, and fill in potholes or wheel path depressions. The rippers can be adjusted to different heights, allowing the operator to control the depth of the material being moved and the level of the finished grade.

In addition to breaking up soil, the rippers on a land plane can also be used for tasks such as removing rocks and debris, creating furrows for planting crops, and loosening compacted gravel. The rippers are typically made of heavy-duty steel to withstand the rigors of use in tough soil conditions.

One of the primary advantages of using a land plane with rippers is that it can save time and effort compared to using manual tools or a bucket attachment on your skid steer. The rippers can quickly and efficiently break up tough soil, allowing you to move on to the next stage of your project more quickly.

Overall, a land plane with rippers can be a valuable tool for anyone involved in landscaping or construction projects, as it can help ensure a smooth and even surface, improve drainage, and save time and effort.

KAGE Land Plane with Teeth

kage greater bar grader bar with ripper teeth skid steer attachment on case skid steer

The KAGE GreatER Bar is a land plane with retractable ripper teeth. It’s unique design allows the operators to stay in the cab while they are switching attachments or activating the teeth.

kage greater bar land plane with ripper teeth skid steer attachment on case skid steer

This is because the GreatER Bar has mechanically activated ripper teeth, there are no hydraulics or manual levers to drop or activate the teeth. The teeth are activated by a foot bar on the front of the grader bar. All the operator has to do is lift the boom and press the bar into the ground to engage the teeth. When it is time to switch attachments, the operator can just unlock the plate and go. There are no hoses to take off.

kage greater bar land plane with ripper teeth skid steer attachment replaceable automatic floating teeth

The teeth on the GreatER Bar have automatic floating. This means that when the teeth are activated and the driver is moving forward the teeth are engaged and tearing up the dirt. However, when the operator is in reverse the teeth lift up allowing the operator to feather the dirt making a fast and easy operation.

Overbuilt by design, the GreatER Bar is designed to last after years of use. The latching mechanism is made with Hardox steel to prolong its life. There are also corner gussets on the frame of the grader bar to help it keep its structural integrity.

Each wear component such as the cutting edges or ripper teeth are easily replaceable. The KAGE GreatER Bar is built with three cutting edges and one of them also helps support the teeth. Each cutting edge is bolted on and can be replaced by a one man operation. The teeth caps are kept in place by a roll pin. To replace these, you just need a hammer and possibly a punch to knock out the pin and install a new tooth.

kage greater bar land plane with ripper teeth skid steer attachment depth adjustable teeth

The teeth are also depth adjustable. There are a few block that can be taken out to drive the teeth deeper into the ground. If an operator find that the maximum height of the teeth is too deep, the operator can take off the teeth and use the Hardox steel teeth plate to dig into the earth at a higher level.

The GreatER Bar is the best leveler with teeth because it gets the job done faster and easy with minimal downtime. It is designed to increase efficiency and save time making repairs.

Kaydence Stephan is the Creative Marketing Assistant at KAGE Innovation. She has working at KAGE for 4 years, spending the first 3 ½ years on the production floor performing duties in laser operation, assembly, shipping, research & development, photography and snowplow operation. She has also worked in the snow removal industry plowing snow outside of KAGE.