Storytelling isn’t just for kids. Stories not only shape our personal lives, but also our business lives and every business has their own history and story behind how it all began.

The American dream for Kage began about 30 years ago, when Mike’s dad started a tiny landscape business out of the back of an old station wagon. This is the same station wagon his brothers and sisters used to ride in for church every Sunday morning. By watching his dad growing up, he learned how to work hard in the family landscape business and developed a passion. This passion soon turned into drive, and this drive always looked for a better way to get things done. Things such as a better way to plant flowers, a better way to trim shrubs, and eventually, better ways to plow snow.

This experience and drive is how the signature patented product, KAGE Snow Plow box system was born. Experience and drive also inspired Kage’s motto; Experience Driven Innovation. Hands-on experience is what creates the drive to find the “better way” and innovation is the creative ideas that happen because of that. However, that’s not all. Ideas without execution happen to people that lack drive and resources. Here’s the thing – when you put drive and resources together, opportunity is born. That’s what Mike had, he had the drive and his dad had the resources. Mike is forever grateful for that opportunity.

Kage Innovation is alive today with opportunities. First, with the people that make their living working at Kage. Second, for the community around us. Let’s not stop there! Kage Innovation wants to spread the opportunities around the country! America is the land of opportunity, and at Kage Innovation, they continue to create opportunities and find the better way.

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