In an earlier blog, we brought to our audience 5 main features that we believe that you should look for when you are shopping around for a snow pusher. These features are listed below. Today we are going to discuss the importance of the second one, having a snow pusher that trips. Manhole covers, water shutoffs, curbs, parking lot joints, asphalt to cement transitions are all very hazardous unless you have a snow plow or snow pusher equipped with a trip edge.

  • Snow Pusher That Angles

  • Snow Pusher That Trips

  • Snow Pusher That Oscillates

  • Snow Pusher That Scrapes

  • Snow Pusher That Backdrags

Snow Pusher that Trips

What do you mean by “trip”? ‘Tripping’ generally refers to the safety mechanism that allows there to be some sort of break-away so that when you encounter an immovable obstacle, the mechanism can ‘break away’, causing no damage to the obstacle, operator, or snow plowing equipment. Since we are talking about snow pushers in this case, we will focus on the trip mechanism commonly known as the ‘trip edge’. A trip edge on a snow plow or a snow pusher allows the bottom 6-10” of the cutting edge to trip backwards along the bottom of the plow, like a large hinge. The hinge is spring loaded, and therefore once the obstacle is cleared, the edge ‘snaps’ back into normal plowing position. Unless you have a rubber cutting edge, or some other flexible material at the bottom of the moldboard edge, you will do significant damage when you encounter obstacles during normal plowing. Rubber cutting edges offer flexibility, but cannot scrape the surface clean. We will address the disadvantage of a rubber edge mounted on a snow pusher in a later blog. A trip edge on the other hand allows you to mount any sort of steel, poly, or rubber cutting edge to it and still gives safety of the spring loaded trip mechanism. By having the versatility of mounting different types of cutting edges (polyurethane or steel) you can customize the amount of scraping and wear life to each site where you do snow removal.

Kage Innovation manufactures the best ‘snow pusher’ on the market today. Our snow box containment system not only features a steel trip edge, it actually allows you to remove the box sides of the pusher and use it as an angle plow, without having to leave the cab!